[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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>> [GM]
>> There seems no objection to moving on. Still, reaching the
>> Millennium Tree is a tricky venture, as it is now surrounded by a
>> fast flowing river on all sides. It takes some careful maneuvering
>> by all three vehicles to find the shallowest part of the lake.
>> For Oz, there is the additional worry that his two scouts that
>> went out the with newcomer and his dwarf to scout out the lake and
>> dam never returned, leading one of Oz's men to speculate that they
>> may have got caught in the flood. A couple of men ask for Oz's
>> permission to go back and look for the four missing people.
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> "I could stay behind Oz and try to find our missing scouts if you
> want." Vesper waited for Oz to answer.
> [/Vesper]

> [Oz]
> Oz nodded. "Sure. Take a couple of my men, so there aren't any
> misunderstandings."
> [/Oz]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper nods and begins searching for people in the snowy environment.
> He has the Winter Storm Demon act as body guard for now as well as
> help in the search with the scouts.  He will also look for any dead
> Kydians.
> [/Vesper]

OOC: Okay, I'm going to split Vesper and the soldiers that Oz has sent 
with him off into another set of posts...

>> [GM]
>> ...
>> "I am Cassandra, chief Speaker for the Druids of Hednesforth
>> Tree." she says in a somewhat hoarse voice. "We owe you and your
>> King a great debt. If you had not come when you had, I think our
>> lot would be much the worse now."
>> "Most of you are welcome here as Friends of the Tree. Here, before
>> you go further on your journey, we shall do what we can do heal
>> your wounds. But you must be aware that we have many wounded, some
>> near death, and our resources are taxed."
>> Another of the hooded figures walks forward, taking off the hood
>> and unveiling a humanoid with bright red skin, a bald head with
>> three small horns and three blood-red eyes. The nose is wide and
>> flat over an overly large mouth filled with bright white razor
>> sharp teeth. A pretty terrifying figure all in all, only magnified
>> by a great stature of at least seven feet tall.
>> "As Cassandra says, most of you are welcome." he says in a harsh
>> voice. "But you bring a terrible thing you, a very evil being.
>> Surely you must know that to bring such a thing to a Millennium
>> Tree could be viewed as a grave insult. Explain yourselves."
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> "One of us is under a curse from this creature," the red headed scout
> states. "We were hoping you might be able to help with the curse and
> free the one cursed."
> "I am Alexandra Hawke," she continues. "An ex military scout from far
> from here." She looks up at the huge tree, pretty amazed by its size.
> [/Alex]

Cassandra bows. "We know of your coming, Alexandra Hawke, formerly of 
the Coalition." she says. "And of yours too, Ted Smythe, hero from 
another dimension, and ..." she looks at Oz, "yours as well, Sir Osmar."

Cassandra bows to Louissa. "And we have seen you from afar, Lady 
Louissa. I met your grandfather long ago in my days of wandering. It is 
good that the Kingdom of Poughkeepsie endures in these times."

> [Ted]
> Ted makes his way to the imposing figure. "The 'evil thing' is with
> me," he states. "Somehow she has either cursed me or knows who did.
> We were hoping you or the Tree could remove it from me."
> [/Ted]

The D-Bee stares long and hard at Ted, in a way not unlike how Mrrlyn 
had back at New Camelot. But there is no malevolence, even if there is 

"You have done many noble things, Ted Smythe." the D-Bee says. "Forgive 
my harsh words, but this battle has tested us to the limit. We shall do 
what we can for you, but I perceive your illness is beyond the skills of 
anyone at this Tree. But be warned, we hold you all responsible for any 
acts this being may commit, and we shall bind it until we can better 
determine its intent and nature."

The D-Bee looks to Cassandra, and for the briefest moment there seems to 
be a barely perceptible bluish fire between their eyes. Cassandra nods 
and turns to Ted, "We shall take the child-thing into our custody, but 
it shall be bound in shackles like those it wore before its release. 
Bring the child-thing hither."

The girl-thing groans as she is presented to Cassandra, but clearly it 
remembers Alex's dagger, and causes no trouble. Cassandra takes out a 
wooden wand that looks like a tree branch and begins weaving figures in 
the air around the girl-thing, and slowly an yellowish incandescent cage 
of energy forms around it.

She speaks in a commanding voice, "Thou art constrained, demon thing. As 
long as thou art under the Tree's power, thou shalt not invoke thine 
powers nor bring harm to others."

Cassandra's eyes seem to glow momentarily, and the girl-monster looks 
down. "I hear you, Draoi. Beidh mo fearg chodladh."

Cassandra turns to the others. "We have much work to do." she says. "Our 
guards shall lead you to a place where you can find some rest and food. 
The child-thing cannot come with you, but you have the word of the 
Council that no harm shall come to her. We shall also do what we can for 
your Hood." With that the cage that holds the girl-thing levitates, as 
does the stretcher on which the Hood lays, and they are float away.

With that, Louissa, Ted, Alex, Oz and most of the soldiers are lead to 
the Millennium Tree, truly one of the wonders of the world. A wide set 
of stairs lead up its trunk hundreds of feet into the air to the 
branches. The guards do not hurry them, and indeed they can see first 
hand the magic of this place. They are deep into the tree's foliage when 
the guards lead them on to a branch at least two dozen feet in diameter 
where a "house", made of the hanging fruit of the tree, hangs. Down 
another stairway they are lead inside.

Inside is a beautifully decorated set of rooms, the wood grain 
skillfully carved to make chairs, beds, dressers, tables and desks. This 
"house" has at least a dozen rooms, including quarters large enough to 
hold the New Camelot soldiers, as well as private quarters for the 
adventurers and a meeting area with a large table. The guards show the 
company a pantry that holds many preserves as well as honey, cheeses, 
dried meats and breads. A happy sight after the rations they've been eating.

The guards hand each a dried yellow leaf with thick brownish veins in 
it. "Two of our order shall be posted outside. You may go wherever these 
leaves allow admittance. The Council will most certainly wish to meet 
with you this evening, but for now, be at peace, and do no evil."

With that the guards leave the company and the New Camelot soldiers to 
their accommodations. It is near lunch time now, and if the guard is 
correct, they have a good six or seven hours before this Council will 
wish to meet with them.

OOC: So let me know what you all want to do. Replenish supplies... 
sleep.. explore. Vesper is not with you, as he is looking for the 
scouts, Miles and the dwarf Thodin.

Aaron Clausen

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