[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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Thu Aug 8 21:04:36 UTC 2013

On 08/08/2013 04:12 PM, Aaron Clausen wrote:
>>> [GM]
>>> ...
>>> Inside is a beautifully decorated set of rooms, the wood grain skillfully
>>> carved to make chairs, beds, dressers, tables and desks. This "house" has at
>>> least a dozen rooms, including quarters large enough to hold the New Camelot
>>> soldiers, as well as private quarters for the adventurers and a meeting area
>>> with a large table. The guards show the company a pantry that holds many
>>> preserves as well as honey, cheeses, dried meats and breads. A happy sight
>>> after the rations they've been eating.
>>> The guards hand each a dried yellow leaf with thick brownish veins in it.
>>> "Two of our order shall be posted outside. You may go wherever these leaves
>>> allow admittance. The Council will most certainly wish to meet with you this
>>> evening, but for now, be at peace, and do no evil."
>>> With that the guards leave the company and the New Camelot soldiers to their
>>> accommodations. It is near lunch time now, and if the guard is correct, they
>>> have a good six or seven hours before this Council will wish to meet with
>>> them.
>>> [/GM]
>> [Ted]
>> Intrigued by the size of the tree and the way it has adapted to its human wards,
>> Ted decided to do a little exploring. "Anyone want to come along?" he asks.
>> [/Ted]
> [Louissa]
> "I sure would!" Louissa says. "My grandfather visited England and left
> behind accounts of visiting a Millennium Tree. I bet this was the
> one!"
> [/Louissa]
> [Jacek the Borg]
> The Borg, who had busily been seeing about his own men, turns to Ted
> and says "I would as well. I have seen a couple from afar in my
> travels, but this is hte first time I've been in one."
> [/ Jacek the Borg]
Turning towards their host, Alex asks, "Is there anything clean I might 
borrow for a couple of days. Could use the chance to see if my fatigues 
are salvageable. Something will go wrong, it always does but maybe I can 
get a few minute break."

As far as locking up the girl, demon, whatever it is, please take her 
from me. I am sorry about us bringing her here."

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