[Taocow PBEM] [Vesper and Oz] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids (repost with fixes)

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>>>> [GM]
>>>> Oz's soldiers are little put off by the presence of the Wind Storm
>>>> Demon, even if they can't exactly see him, but it certainly has proved
>>>> a powerful enemy.
>>>> The landscape around the Tree and up to the dam is a mess. Vesper
>>>> spots at least a half a dozen dead Kydians, as well as several high
>>>> end Splugorth weapons. While some of the druids and other Tree
>>>> defenders are gathering bodies and items up, it's a pretty monumental
>>>> job and they have not got to this area.
>>>> Where snow-covered ground was just a few hours ago is a washed out
>>>> mudflat already beginning to freeze over in the cold temperatures. As
>>>> Vesper, Oz and they're odd company of demon and soldiers make their
>>>> way to the last known position of the scouts, it's hard to tell anything
>>>> from landmarks which have either been washed away or denuded of
>>>> snow.
>>>> As they get closer to the dam, they can see, here and there, the odd
>>>> arm or leg sticking out of the mud, but this could be a very hard
>>>> search.
>>>> [/GM]

>>> [Vesper]
>>> Vesper will gather what items he can as they come across the strange
>>> Splugorth troops. Giving one to the winter demon
>>> as payment for it's services even though he is pretty sure the mayhem it
>>> caused alone was payment for the creature.
>>> He knew from his time in the Federation of Magic Splugorth odd tech was as
>>> powerful as most anything.
>>> He turned to the other soldiers, "Gentleman any ideas on how best to find
>>> them ? Perhaps you should try radioing ?"
>>> He had the demon help dig free beings when he saw the odd limb sticking out
>>> of the mud to see if it was any of the scouts that had gone missing.
>>> [/Vesper]

>> [OOC]
>> Vesper and Oz find the following:
>> - 12 Undamaged Staffs of Pacification (Atlantis p. 121)
>> - 2 Eylor Helms of Omnipotence (Atlantis p. 125)
>> - 3 relatively undamaged suits of Overlord Power Armor (Atlantis p. 123)
>> - 15 K-E4 Plasma Ejectors (Atlantis p. 137)
>> - 5 Forearm Plasma Blasters (Atlantis p. 153)
>> - 50 Full Long E-Clips
>> - 1 Lesser Rune Sword (Atlantis p. 127, Damage: 5D6MD, -6 to parry
>> energy blasts, +1 to savings throws)
>> [/OOC]

>> [GM]
>> It takes some time to gather the equipment, but it's an impressive
>> array to be sure. All the bodies dug out belong to Kydians or Kittani,
>> with a couple of the very creepy Metztla. No sign of the missing
>> scouts however.
>> One of the men nods at Vesper's suggestion and pulls out his radio and
>> tries to gain contact with the missing scouts.
>> A few moments later a faint reply comes. "We're all safe." a crackly
>> voice says. "We're in some sort of .underground control room, probably
>> pre-Apocalypse. Trying to find our way out."
>> The missing scouts can't be far away, but all Vesper and his
>> companions can see is a sea of freezing mud.
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> "I am no real expert on radios is there some way you can locate them
> with the radios ? If Alex were here she would know."
> [/Vesper]

One of Oz's men nods. "Aye, that we could sir, if we get sufficient
distance between the radios and do a bit of hacking." With that the
man instructs one of the other soldiers to head back up the hill to
get some distance and height for good triangulation.

> [Vesper
> Not having any of the scouts belongings he knew he couldn't use magic
> to locate them the way he might normally.
> "Let the scouts know we will try and find them. Right now all we see
> is freezing mud everywhere."
> [/Vesper]

In the meantime, one of the other men reports "I think I've found
something a lot bigger." He fires a few rounds to melt the mud and
reveals part of a buried Slaver Barge, and what looks like a Slaver's
tale poking out of the mud.

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