[Taocow PBEM] [Alex] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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Tue Aug 13 16:45:58 UTC 2013

Alex will tell the guys before hey leave, "Hey, can you take your time a 
bit. Just want to take a few moments to change into something not sweat 

While tempted by the idea of a shower or bath, she decided to join her 
companions as soon as possible. Deciding to tease the guard, "I am a 
farm girl. Just as glad to wear something other than a uniform for a few 
hours. here can I put my stuff so it is safe?"

Assuming that he does show her a place, she will put her stuff away 
although she will keep at least her pistol and dagger. Mentally, she 
will tell the dagger, /Please, I cannot just kill always. I had a friend 
to think of too./

Quickly she will change and join her friends.

On 08/12/2013 15:43, Aaron Clausen wrote:
>> [Alex]
>> Turning towards their host, Alex asks, "Is there anything clean I might
>> borrow for a couple of days. Could use the chance to see if my fatigues are
>> salvageable. Something will go wrong, it always does but maybe I can get a
>> few minute break."
>> As far as locking up the girl, demon, whatever it is, please take her from
>> me. I am sorry about us bringing her here."
>> [/Alex]
> [GM]
> The guard nods. "I shall fetch you some clothes, ma'am."
> A few minutes later he returns with greenish, loose-fitting clothes; a
> shirt with long sleeves, pants, as well as a belt made of bark and
> soft shoes made from leaves. They are very comfortable, and despite
> being quite light, are very warm.
> "I trust these will do you, ma'am." the guard says. "If you want
> something more... military... I can get something fetched from the
> barracks at the base of the tree."
> "As to the child, it is my understanding that the Council is
> questioning her right now. You need not trouble yourself, ma'am. If
> such a thing is to roam the waking world, it is best that it be here,
> where it can do less harm."
> The guard begs his leave and departs. By now, Ted, Louissa and the
> Borg have already departed, and Alex has her quarters to herself. In
> the common room she can hear several soldiers talking, laughing and
> gambling as soldiers so often do when they have the chance.
> [/GM]

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