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OOC: Adding a little bit more...

>>>> [GM]
>>>> Oz's soldiers are little put off by the presence of the Wind Storm
>>>> Demon, even if they can't exactly see him, but it certainly has proved
>>>> a powerful enemy.
>>>> The landscape around the Tree and up to the dam is a mess. Vesper
>>>> spots at least a half a dozen dead Kydians, as well as several high
>>>> end Splugorth weapons. While some of the druids and other Tree
>>>> defenders are gathering bodies and items up, it's a pretty monumental
>>>> job and they have not got to this area.
>>>> Where snow-covered ground was just a few hours ago is a washed out
>>>> mudflat already beginning to freeze over in the cold temperatures. As
>>>> Vesper, Oz and they're odd company of demon and soldiers make their
>>>> way to the last known position of the scouts, it's hard to tell anything
>>>> from landmarks which have either been washed away or denuded of
>>>> snow.
>>>> As they get closer to the dam, they can see, here and there, the odd
>>>> arm or leg sticking out of the mud, but this could be a very hard
>>>> search.
>>>> [/GM]

>>> [Vesper]
>>> Vesper will gather what items he can as they come across the strange
>>> Splugorth troops. Giving one to the winter demon
>>> as payment for it's services even though he is pretty sure the mayhem it
>>> caused alone was payment for the creature.
>>> He knew from his time in the Federation of Magic Splugorth odd tech was as
>>> powerful as most anything.
>>> He turned to the other soldiers, "Gentleman any ideas on how best to find
>>> them ? Perhaps you should try radioing ?"
>>> He had the demon help dig free beings when he saw the odd limb sticking out
>>> of the mud to see if it was any of the scouts that had gone missing.
>>> [/Vesper]

>> [OOC]
>> Vesper and Oz find the following:
>> - 12 Undamaged Staffs of Pacification (Atlantis p. 121)
>> - 2 Eylor Helms of Omnipotence (Atlantis p. 125)
>> - 3 relatively undamaged suits of Overlord Power Armor (Atlantis p. 123)
>> - 15 K-E4 Plasma Ejectors (Atlantis p. 137)
>> - 5 Forearm Plasma Blasters (Atlantis p. 153)
>> - 50 Full Long E-Clips
>> - 1 Lesser Rune Sword (Atlantis p. 127, Damage: 5D6MD, -6 to parry
>> energy blasts, +1 to savings throws)
>> [/OOC]

>> [GM]
>> It takes some time to gather the equipment, but it's an impressive
>> array to be sure. All the bodies dug out belong to Kydians or Kittani,
>> with a couple of the very creepy Metztla. No sign of the missing
>> scouts however.
>> One of the men nods at Vesper's suggestion and pulls out his radio and
>> tries to gain contact with the missing scouts.
>> A few moments later a faint reply comes. "We're all safe." a crackly
>> voice says. "We're in some sort of .underground control room, probably
>> pre-Apocalypse. Trying to find our way out."
>> The missing scouts can't be far away, but all Vesper and his
>> companions can see is a sea of freezing mud.
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> "I am no real expert on radios is there some way you can locate them
> with the radios ? If Alex were here she would know."
> [/Vesper]

One of Oz's men nods. "Aye, that we could sir, if we get sufficient
distance between the radios and do a bit of hacking." With that the
man instructs one of the other soldiers to head back up the hill to
get some distance and height for good triangulation.

> [Vesper
> Not having any of the scouts belongings he knew he couldn't use magic
> to locate them the way he might normally.
> "Let the scouts know we will try and find them. Right now all we see
> is freezing mud everywhere."
> [/Vesper]

In the meantime, one of the other men reports "I think I've found
something a lot bigger." He fires a few rounds to melt the mud and
reveals part of a buried Slaver Barge, and what looks like a Slaver's
tale poking out of the mud.

OOC: Here's the additional post...

As they're looking around, one of the members of the missing party
radios. "We're finding our way out of here and will make contact

"Roger that." one of the searchers looking for them replies. "Good to
hear you're alright."

The men that have come with Oz and Vesper seem relieved that their
missing compatriots have been all but found.

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