[Taocow PBEM] [Ted, Alex, Louissa, Jacek the Borg and Co.] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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> [Alex]
> Alex will tell the guys before hey leave, "Hey, can you take your
> time  a bit. Just want to take a few moments to change into something
> not  sweat soaked?"
> [/Alex]

The company had not got far by the time Alex caught up with them.


>> [GM]
>> ...
>> A robed figure comes walking up to the company and bows, then
>> lifts of her hood. It is a young woman, perhaps in her
>> mid-twenties, with the pointed ears that shows her to be an Elf.
>> "I am Taelaen." she says. "The Council said that you might be
>> exploring, and has offered me as a guide. These are the
>> Amhránaithe ar an gCrann, the Singers to the Tree. The Tree is
>> greatly pleased by this, especially after its injuries."
>> "Now tell me," she says. "Where would you like to go? What would
>> you like to see?"
>> [/GM]

> [Ted]
> Unsure of where to begin, Ted looks at the others. "The singing is
> beautiful," he observes. "Why not start there?"
> [/Ted]

Louissa agrees. "It's quite stunning. I had heard stories about these 
singers, but tales do not do them justice."

[Jacek the Borg]
Jacek seems unimpressed. "Singing is all well and good, but it strikes 
me as a very odd time to be performing."
[/Jacek the Borg]

"As I said," Taelaen says with a smile, "these singers aid the Tree in 
its healing. It and turn, is better able to help others."

Indeed, even as Taelaen speaks, the adventurers feel some of the 
weariness and wounds fade away. It's as if the life force of the Tree is 
entering them and lending them its strength. It feels much like they've 
had a good long nap, and are refreshed.

"As good as singing is," Taelaen laughs, "it can become a little dull. 
If you cannot think of something you would like to see, then let me take 
you to the top of the Tree, so that you can survey the lands you have 
been through."

"And the lands you are yet to see..." she adds with a knowing smile.

Taelaen leads them even higher, so high that the singing fades from 
earshot. The branches become thinner and thinner, and the stairway 
becomes narrow. They are so far into the crown of the tree that it is as 
gloomy as night, and only bluish glowing stones set in the stairs light 
their way.

And then they are climbing a wooden ladder, which Jacek, weighing 
considerably  more than his new compatriots, does. Taelaen assures him 
that the ladder can hold his weight. The ladder rises up above the leaf 
cover to a platform sitting above the tree, supported by thick wooden 

The platform itself is about a hundred square feet. Over the middle of 
the platform is a small building with open walls. Inside is a ball about 
three feet in diameter. It seems to be made of glass, and within burns a 
bright bluish light. Two Millennium Druids stand around it, gazing 
within its bright depths.

The view here is stunning. They are at least three thousand feet above 
the land below. They can see for many miles in all directions, and the 
view reveals the beautiful lands of southern England, some under 
cultivation, but much of it still wilderness. There are also the scars 
left from the Splugorth army, a grievous sight in such a beautiful land.

"Come." Taelaen says. "See the Cloch a fheiceáil, the Stone of Seeing. 
It is the only one of its kind on Earth, its siblings spread throughout 
the Megaverse. If you would, you may gaze within. You can command the 
Stone to see any place on Earth, save those places were great magics or 
dark wills would hide it. If you are of stronger will and power, it 
might be that you can gaze into the further reaches of this dimension, 
or even into other dimensions and times. Will you look?"					

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