[Taocow PBEM] [Ted, Alex, Louissa, Jacek the Borg and Co.] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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>> [Taelaen]
>> "Come." Taelaen says. "See the Cloch a fheiceáil, the Stone of Seeing.
>> It is the only one of its kind on Earth, its siblings spread
>> throughout the Megaverse. If you would, you may gaze within. You can
>> command the Stone to see any place on Earth, save those places were
>> great magics or dark wills would hide it. If you are of stronger will
>> and power, it might be that you can gaze into the further reaches of
>> this dimension, or even into other dimensions and times. Will you look?"
>> [/Taelaen]

> [Alex]
> "Where I am from, we are taught by our leaders that magic is evil.
> Of course, those not in the major cities are not indoctrinated to
> the same level. We tend to consider more what the magic does. If it
> heals or helps to save lives, it is good. If it is used to harm or
> kill, it is evil."
> [/Alex]

The elf woman smiles. "That is wise, for most magic is indeed neutral. 
It is power for good or power for evil. Indeed, even the Stone of Seeing 
can be used for ill or good. I only offer its power to you if you wish 
it. There is oft times wisdom in not doing something as well."

"If no one else minds, I'll take a look." Louissa says. "I don't really 
want to go home, but I would like to look at how my family is doing."

With that she walks over to the Stone of Seeing.

"Then gaze within." Taelaen says with a smile. "Think of your home and 
your people."

Louissa leans over and peers within the glowing ball. The rest of the 
company can see images flicker through it, but they cannot make out 
anything clearly.

> [Alex]
> The scout enjoys the feeling of refreshment. Curious how the dagger
> is feeling.
> [/Alex]

Aaron Clausen

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