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>> [GM]
>> The wind demon begins digging away the earth around the creature, and
>> the appendage begins to flick back and forth. But clearly the Slaver is
>> very injured as it can do little else.
>> And then there's a rumbling and a loud crash, and the Slave and its
>> barge fall into an opening in the ground. When the dust clears, they're
>> looking into an exposed passage, with the lost scouts, along with the
>> dwarf and the man Miles looking up at Vesper and Oz.
>> From the Slaver comes a low moan.
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper smiles.  "Ah there you are."
> "Anyone have rope ?"  If someone lowered a rope he had the winter storm
> demon pull them up.
> [/Vesper]

One of Oz's men produces a coil of rope, about a hundred feet worth,
more than enough. In short order, Miles, Thodin the Dwarf and the two
scouts are back up on solid ground. For them, the view of the
devastation is a considerable shock. The lake is no more, and a muddy
plane all the way to a river that flows through the ruins of the old
dam is what remains. They also see a considerable pile of Splugorth
weapons and equipment. Oz, Vesper and the men with them have been

> [Oz]
> Oz shrugged. "I've got climbing cord in my suit here," he patted the
> left gauntlet of his black armor, "but I'd prefer to kill that thing
> first." He nodded at the two lost new people. "If you don't mind, of
> course. Safety first, you know."
> [/Oz]

> [Vesper]
> "Alright we send that thing on to the next life then.  Would love to
> look at that barge closer though."
> Vesper prepared for the order to fire along with the others.
> [/Vesper]

OOC: I'm not going to bother doing weapons rolls, because the creature
doesn't look the least bit capable of offering any resistance.

They all open fire on the Slaver. The creature tries to pull itself
free of the wreckage and the exposed tunnel, but it is clearly too
weak to accomplish this. Still, it takes a good long while, and
several e-clips for everyone, to finally break through the armor,
bio-wizardry defenses and the creatures own natural toughness, but
finally it gives up what little fight it has, and stops moving. Its
flesh has largely been burned to a crisp and the smell is horrific.
Unfortunately, the barge has sustained some heavy damage both in the
crash and from the weapons fire, and probably isn't easily repairable,
at least not without a Technowizard's help.

And then they see movement on the other side of the barge. A hand
suddenly appears on the other side of the barge, and then a head. It
is one of the legendary and feared Blind Warrior Women!

This one does not look quite so fearsome. "Do not hurt me..." she
weakly says in a strange accent, and then loses her grip and falls
down unseen on the other side of the barge.

Aaron Clausen
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