[Taocow PBEM] [Vesper, Oz and Miles] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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> [GM]
> They all open fire on the Slaver. The creature tries to pull itself
> free of the wreckage and the exposed tunnel, but it is clearly too
> weak to accomplish this. Still, it takes a good long while, and
> several e-clips for everyone, to finally break through the armor,
> bio-wizardry defenses and the creatures own natural toughness, but
> finally it gives up what little fight it has, and stops moving. Its
> flesh has largely been burned to a crisp and the smell is horrific.
> Unfortunately, the barge has sustained some heavy damage both in the
> crash and from the weapons fire, and probably isn't easily repairable,
> at least not without a Technowizard's help.
> And then they see movement on the other side of the barge. A hand
> suddenly appears on the other side of the barge, and then a head. It
> is one of the legendary and feared Blind Warrior Women!
> This one does not look quite so fearsome. "Do not hurt me..." she
> weakly says in a strange accent, and then loses her grip and falls
> down unseen on the other side of the barge.
> [/GM]

"Check fire," Oz orders. "Keep your weapons on her, though."

"We'll send someone down to get you. Lay down any weapons you might
still be carrying, don't make any hostile movements, and you will be
out of there in a trice." Oz detailed a pair of soldiers back down the
rope to retrieve the woman from the pit.

The soldiers make their way down into the collapsed passage. It takes them
time, and once down they find the Warrior Woman's injuries are bad enough
that they have to use a piece of the slave barge as a stretcher and then
carefullh , with everyone's help, raise it out of the hole.

The whole rescue takes a good twenty minutes, the whole time everyone
subjected to the smell of burning Splugorth Slaver.

"I expect we'll be debriefing you as soon as we're someplace more
secure as well, miss. I hope you will be helpful when it comes to it."

[Blind Warrior Woman]
The woman nods. "I... do no... how you say it... I do no problem for you
and Tree people.."

She grimaces, clearly in considerable pain.
[/Blind Warrior Woman]

Vesper looks to the woman,  "Do you wish to live free of your masters ?"
He looked to the others, "Hold your fire."

The soldiers nod, but look very edgy. "Aye, sir, we'll hold our fire, but
these woman are damned dangerous." None of them lower their weapons.

[Blind Warrior Woman]
The woman looks at Vesper. "Free..." she says, seeming to savor the word.
"Yes, I would like free. Fight for Splugorth no more. Fight only for free."
[/Blind Warrior Woman]

As they talk to the wounded Splugorth minion, the snow begins to fall
again. The temperature seems to drop three or four degrees in a matter of a
minute or two, and though it's still a number of hours until dusk, the
clouds are becoming darker and beginning to drop. Only the light of the ley
line nexus offers any illumination, far greater than the cloud-hidden sun.

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