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OOC: If Oz's player wants to continue question Ithdalkal, we can do
that as a series of side-posts, other than that, I'm going to move on.


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>> [GM]
>>> In another cell the Altaran Blind Warrior woman sits. The doors to
>>> that cell are open, and she is chatting with a kindly elderly druid. A
>>> half-finished meal sits beside her. She looks up and sees Oz and
>>> smiles nervously.
>>> "You have come to ask of me questions?" she asks. "I will cooperate."
>> [/GM]
>> [Oz]
>> Oz smiles at the woman, though on second thought he isn't sure she
>> could see the expression. "Let's start with something small." And
>> something easily corroborated by available evidence. "How large was
>> the force that attacked the Tree and what was your objective here?"
>> [/Oz]
> [GM]
> The Blind Warrior Woman, Ithdalkal, knows little of strategy. She
> guesses that the army that attacked the Tree numbered eight to ten
> thousand. The objective was to destroy the Tree and seize the Nexus.
> [/GM]
>> OOC:
>> Basically, he'll question her about the Splugorth forces- size,
>> resources, capabilities, strategic and tactical objectives, that sort
>> of thing. Most immediately, he wants to know how long it might be
>> before reinforcements are sent to the Tree and how large that force
>> might be. More generally, how overwhelming is this invasion? And
>> specific to Altaran BWWs, is she an anomaly or are a lot of them (and
>> even other Splugorth slave races) looking for a way out?
> [GM]
> Ithdalkal tells Oz what she can; that the army she was a part of is
> was a single division, known as Kr'z'pk'nar Division. She believes the
> Splugorth have amassed ten divisions, somewhere in the neighborhood of
> one hundred thousand infantry along with mechanized divisions and air
> force. She knows that another division has been dispatched to wipe out
> the small kingdoms to the north of New Camelot, though she admits this
> is only hearsay. She has also seen many fighting units of Gargoyles,
> perhaps from across the Channel, as well as other D-Bee allies,
> including what she calls the Hirrim, which she describes enough for Oz
> to recognize as the floating brains they had previously encountered.
> She thinks that it is unlikely another full division would be thrown
> at the Tree right now, since she thinks they are all gathering for the
> main assault on New Camelot. So the Tree might be safe for a little
> while.
> She also describes the general commanding these forces, a lizard man
> named G'nz 8, some sort of a lizard man of great powers.
> Much of this seems a good deal like rumor rather than fact. Still, she
> seems quite insistent that Splynn has gathered a very large army with
> the intent of wiping out all the independent kingdoms of England, and
> in particular New Camelot.
> As to herself, she admits that only a few of her sisters feel as she
> does, though she cannot say the number, as none dare openly discuss
> their desire for freedom. She believes some Kittani hunger for
> independence, but the Kydians are fanatically loyal to the Splugorth.
> She has heard of slave revolts in London and back on Atlantis, but
> they are dealt with mercilessly.
> "I thank you, Oz." Ithdalkal says, "for freeing me from my bondage. I
> will pledge myself to you, and if you let me use my sword in your
> great name, I shall become your Narz'k... your warrior servant."
> [/GM]
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