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OOC1: Onwards and upwards with a new chapter. You will find a new
player is being introduced, but I will largely let the new PC's player
introduce the character.

OOC2: Going to start this chapter with a bit of a recount of what has
happened in the last little while.

The party, along with a unit of soldiers and a band of militia lead by
Jacek the Borg, and under the command of newly installed Knight of New
Camelot, Sir Osmar Wolz, had headed north from New Camelot pushing
northward to the Millennium Tree in part to seek healing for a former
bandit, the Hood. They also sought instructions on what to do with the
murderous creature who appeared most often in the form of a little
girl, who was their prisoner. Finally, they hoped to find some more
information on the terrible illness that had stricken their companion
Ted Smythe, and for which he and Louissa had been trying to head
northward to find a druid somewhere in the remotest parts of Scotland.

Along their route, they had seen thousands of refugees flooding into
New Camelot and the rest of southern England, apparently displaced by
a great Splugorth army. They had met a division of that great army at
the Millennium Tree, where it was attempting to destroy the Tree and
take over the Nexus point. Quick thinking by members of the party had
seen an ancient pre-Rifts dam above the tree blown to pieces, and the
reservoir burst forth to destroy much of the Splugorth army.

While Ted, Louissa and Alex, had went on to explore the Tree, Vesper
and Oz had remained on the battlefield and collected a good deal of
equipment. Later the entire party was permitted their pick of the
salvaged Splugorth gear, as a reward for having saved the Tree. Oz had
taken prisoner an Altaran Blind Warrior Woman named Ithdalkal.

All were invited to a banquet in their honor, and afterwards a debate
among themselves and with the Druid's Council as to what to do next.
Some, like Alex, were not at all in favor of taking the Girl along
with them, while Ted and Louissa were insistent that the girl creature
was necessary to Ted's survival. In the end, the Druids suggested that
the girl creature could be contained by Cold Iron, which a larger
quantity of could be obtained to the west in the Welsh Mountains,
where are dwarf colony mined it. The Borg, Jacek, has agreed to let
the girl thing live to help Ted, providing it can be controlled and it
is delivered into his hands upon the completion of the quest.

As well, romance is in the winter air, as Vesper and Alex fell in love
and announced their true feelings for each other at the banquet!

Oz went to investigate a stranger, an attractive young woman who had
come to the Tree and had been briefly detained by Oz's men. Oz had
admonished his men for detaining her, and she was sent on up the Tree.
Finally Oz has went to talk with the Altran Ithdalkal to learn what he
can of the Splugorth's plans and strength.

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