[Taocow PBEM] [Oz and Vesper] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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> [GM]
>> As to herself, she admits that only a few of her sisters feel as she
>> does, though she cannot say the number, as none dare openly discuss
>> their desire for freedom. She believes some Kittani hunger for
>> independence, but the Kydians are fanatically loyal to the Splugorth.
>> She has heard of slave revolts in London and back on Atlantis, but
>> they are dealt with mercilessly.
>> "I thank you, Oz." Ithdalkal says, "for freeing me from my bondage. I
>> will pledge myself to you, and if you let me use my sword in your
>> great name, I shall become your Narz'k... your warrior servant."
> [/GM]
> [Oz]
> "Thank you, Ithdalkal. I accept you into my service. You may arm
> yourself from the items recovered from the battlefield. If we
> encounter any of your sisters or Kittani, I will allow you to speak
> with them to assess whether they wish to be free, as you do. If you
> wish."
> [/Oz]

"You are so, how you say, wise and noble." Ithdalkal says, as she
stands and gives him a crisp salute. She is quickly out of the cell,
eager to be on her way.

Oz's sergeant gives him a surprised, almost disbelieving look. For a
moment the man seems lost for words. "Begging yer pardon, Sir." he
says. "A few hours ago that woman would 'ave shot us or delivered us
to a Splugorth arena. I hope you know what you're doing."

The girl "thing" in the next cell chuckles in a disturbing girl-like
fashion. "Oh, Osmar, Knight of Camelot, among other things, why not
free me as well. Free me as well. I'm sure I and your brave Altaran
would get along smashingly."

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