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> As Louissa is talking, the large door to the guest quarters opens, 
> revealing the Elf woman Taelaen, who had been their guide earlier, and 
> another woman. The other woman is attractive, average height young 
> human woman. No tan, moderately freckled, long medium-brown hair in a 
> ponytail. 

> She is wearing a silver-trimmed white military-style uniform, with a 
> utility belt, and armor plated boots, pauldrons and bracers. 
> The suit has a light non-enviornmental helmet with a silver half- 
> visor that obscures the eyes. Tucked into a breast pocket 
> (seemingly made just for it) is a small yellow-handled screw driver. 

> She is carrying a very large scoped rifle of indeterminate make, 
> almost comically oversized. 

OOC: I did a Google search for "oversized rifle" looking for images that matched what I was envisioning for the character. Imagine this rifle, scaled to 80% of the size depicted, with a similarly-styled scope the size of a heavy pistol or small carbine mounted to it with a folding bipod. http://tinyurl.com/k2khf3b 

> One Jacek's men turns around. "Oy, now that's a pretty one. Hello, 
> little lady, don't be no cold fish. You come on over here and sit down 
> next to us and warm yourself up." 

> The New Camelot soldiers do not hide their disgust, and the Borg, 
> Jacek, turns to the stranger. "I shall beat him if you wish." he says. 
> "Willard is a fool with a large mouth." 

> Louissa, ever the diplomat, walks over to the strange young woman. 
> "Don't mind those mercenaries. Two days ago they were bandits with the 
> manners and bearing of rutting sows. I am Louissa, the lizard man over 
> there is my friend Ted, and the red-haired woman next to him is Alex." 

OOC: feeling a bit shoehorned here, as the GM went to the next scene without pausing...usually, in this sort of situation I just don't reply at all, since there's nothing for my character to interact with that hasn't already happened...but apparently the GM is waiting on me for a response, so... 

IC: The woman responds to Louissa "My use-name is Anne, and you're not getting the true one. I'm with the New Tormuk Explorer Corps, armorer and sniper by skill specialty. I appreciate your concern, but the day I can't survive in the monkey house is the day I hang up my sergeant hat." 

She heads over to the table the mercenaries are at, shoves the loud one over to make room to sit, and starts field stripping her rifle for cleaning (it breaks down into three carbine-sized sections then each section comes apart further). "Anybody got a cleaning rag?" 

Semi-OOC: She pretty much responds in kind to the crowd; If one of the guys gropes, she gropes back ("adequate", "meh, too small, must ripen", etc), and so forth. 

OOC: If anyone checks her out with any kind of See Aura ability, she's about as strongly supernatural as that 'little girl' that the party is dragging around, she's NOT alive, lacks active magic and the ability to cast spells but has psionics, and has no other anomalies or sickness. For those who can detect such things, she's not evil. 

For once the night is undisturbed. The Tree has a calming effect that 
seems to put everyone into a deep sleep. The only sounds are the 
gentle creaking of the mighty tree. In these quarters, even as another 
winter storm rages in the night, there is only warmth. Sometimes the 
companions will almost awaken to the sound of some distant singing, 
but the singing itself seems to plunge them back into sleep, a sleep 
with gentle dreams of spring afternoons with gentle suns and babbling 

When they awaken in the morning, the winter sun is streaming through 
the windows. Outside, many hundreds of feet below, new fallen snow has 
covered the blasted battle plain, and the land looks at peace. Out in 
the common area breakfast has already been served; hotcakes with a 
honey syrup, toast with nut spreads, coffee, tea and a heart and 
fortifying mead. The soldiers and mercenaries are gathering and 
already digging in. 

And then the elf woman Taelaen appears. "The Council has reconvened 
this morning, and wishes you to attend." She turns to the strange 
young woman. "You as well, friend." 

Ted, Alex, Louissa, Vesper and Oz, along with Jacek the Borg, Oz, 
along with the strange young woman, are lead back up the Tree to the 
vast hall. There the council of druids sits. Off in the corner, the 
ancient old druid with the strange glow to him is sleeping, looking 
like hasn't moved all night. Finally there is the Blind Warrior Woman, 
Ithdalkal, standing and looking grim, until Oz appears, at which point 
she smiles broadly. 

At a table sits another man in a bizarre outfit. He is wearing an 
aviator's cap, has a fantastically large handlebar moustache. He is 
dressed in black weather, and is wearing a watch the size of cell 
phone, with all sorts of odd blinking lights and wires sticking out of 

The head of the council introduces the man. "This is Simon von 
Schellburg, from the east of Europe, and captain of der 
Teufelshörnchen, a technowizard airship heading to Wales. He has said 
he is willing to take you to Wales, if you so wish." 

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