[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XIV

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On 12/18/2013 14:30, Aaron Clausen wrote:
> [GM]
> von Schellburg nods. "That is ze goal, though you'd best have some 
> credits. I give you and your friends transport because the Druids ask, 
> but maybe ze dwarves will not be so generous."
> The captain turns to the newcomer, Anne. "With ze gun like that, I'd 
> wager you will prove useful. You come with us, no?"
> The old druid with the odd glow seeming to emanate from his skin, who 
> had been sleeping soundly, pops one eye wide open. "I think I shall go 
> as well. A trip in an airship sounds like fun, and I haven't been to 
> the land of Cymru for many years now."
> The council of Druids look at the old man oddly. "If it is the will of 
> Captain von Schellburg and these adventurers, we have no objection."
> The head of the council looks to Ted. "We believe your illness will 
> become much worse soon. Do not tarry long, and if you cannot obtain 
> the cold iron, then you must go north as soon as possible, without 
> this thing in girl's form."
> [/GM]
The red haired ranger does smile a lot at Vesper. Been quite a while 
since she had a romance.

"In the Coalition, we were suppose to avoid all magic as being the work 
of evil. As such, never seen an airship although heard a bit about them. 
A bit nervous about them as a result."

ooc: Of note, Alex meant the sea creatures "Whales" but I guess her 
wording was not done well enough to confuse people.
Also of note, I created a fair number of Ley Line ships that might make 
interesting materials if you need an already created writeup?
A little ways down under "Vessels (Ley Line)"

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