[Taocow PBEM] [Alex, Vesper, Louissa and Ted????] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

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>> [GM]
>> Ted gets in the ATV with the "girl" in his arms. Vesper and Alex
>> follow, and not quick enough. The crowd, now believing that the
>> thunderclap was little more than an illusionist's trick, start
>> throwing rocks at the vehicle. One strikes Vesper's armored leg as he
>> gets in.
>> As the door shuts, someone produces an energy weapon, and begins
>> strafing the vehicle [Damage: 10MD], while several others jump on to
>> the vehicle and frantically start climbing towards the rail gun.
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> "I don't like this but what choice do we have," the red headed Ranger
> states. If she can, she will specifically be sitting behind Ted.
> "Lets not kill anybody," she states frantically
> [/Alex]

"Then somebody do something!" she shouts. "They're on our front bumper
and if I go too fast I'm likely going to run some of them over."

Despite that Louissa puts the vehicle in gear and starts moving ahead,
about ten miles an hour.

> [Ted]
> Ted slides behind the rail gun and lets loose a spray of fire just
> over the crowd's heads. [Strike: Natural 20, what a waste!!!!]
> [/Ted]

The crowd ducks for cover as flechettes fly overhead. Some give up the
ghost and run for cover. The rest continue throwing rocks.

There are still two men on top of the ATV, one has an energy rifle
that he seems to be aiming to fire at the rail gun; The other is
crawling down the front wind shield to block Louissa's view. Another
couple of people are hanging on to the front bumper.

Louissa shouts "Can someone tell me how to get out of here without
hurting anyone?"

"My magic won't work on them from within this vehicle." He moved to Louissa, "Go that direction and look for a small pile of stones."
"It's our best way out."
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