[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

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>> [GM]
>> The third scout radios Oz a minute later. "Sir," he says, "I'm at a
>> big landslide, mostly shale. It looks like it happened in the last
>> hour or two. I can climb the slide and can see the path continue on to
>> what looks like a wall of mist. I can spot your group, maybe ten
>> minutes from my position. I'm also pretty sure I can see the enemy
>> squad pushing right through the brush, looks like they may even be
>> firing laser pistols to clear a path. They'll reach the slide at the
>> same time you do, unless you can pick up the pace."
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> "I do hate to be late to a party. Let's pick it up, then, boys." Oz
> starts moving faster, trusting his men to keep up. To the scout, he
> added "Don't engage, keep an eye on them and keep me updated on their
> position."
> [/Oz]

"Yes sir." the scout responds.

"ALLLLLL-RIGHT LADS!" the Sergeant shouts. "Let's double this pace.
Anyone trailing behind carries a s bag full o' stones on the way

The men break into a jog, covering about twice as much ground as they
did before. Within about five minutes they reach the landslide.
Something has caused the shale walls of the gully to collapse, and it
has covered the trail, and even clogged the creek below, where a small
lake is now slowly forming.

One of the scouts pokes his head over the top of the gully, about
fifty feet above. He signals that the enemy company is approaching.

One of the other scouts trailing the enemy radios in. "They're within
a couple of minutes of you, Sir. Some of 'em look heavily armed, and
at least one is a cyborg."

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