[Taocow PBEM] [Alex, Vesper, Louissa and Ted????] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

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On 02/21/2013 15:24, Aaron Clausen wrote:
>>> [GM]
>>> Ted's super-strength is more than enough to tip the vehicle back over.
>>> Other than some scrapes, and a few points of damage where the energy
>>> rifle fire hit the vehicle, it looks good.
>>> And just in the nick of time. Out from around the tent where Ted and
>>> Louissa had stolen this ATV, another nearly identical ATV races out,
>>> someone hastily manning the railgun and aiming it at the company.
>>> [/GM]
>>> [Louissa]
>>> "Anyone else want to drive?" Louissa shouts.
>>> [/Louissa]
>> [Ted]
>> Ted will get to the turret as quickly as possible and disable the other
>> ATV's tires. [Strike: 4].
>> [/Ted]
> [GM]
> Ted misses, the rail gun fire shredding the tent that the ATVs had
> been parked in instead.
> [/GM]
>> [Alex]
>> Alex loads a tear gas grenade into her grenade launcher, "Make a dog leg."
>> As soon as the window of the vehicle is revealed, she fires a tear gas
>> grenade into the cab. [Strike: 21]
>> [/Alex]
> [GM]
> Alex's shot does significantly better. The tear gas canister makes it
> through the window and bursts inside the vehicle. All of a sudden the
> inside of the vehicle becomes a cloud of white gas. The vehicle veers
> and then crashes into a wood pile, the driver and two other people
> leaping out, coughing and hacking.
> [/GM]
>> [Vesper]
>> Secures things on the inside of the vehicle. Also maintaining watch on the
>> girl.
>> [/Vesper]
> [GM]
> The girl remains unconscious, but if Vesper's eyes are not mistaken,
> her wounds are quickly healing.
> [/GM]
> [Louissa]
> Louissa shrugs. "Alright, I guess I'm still driving." She hops back
> into the drivers seat and restarts the ATV, and steers at moderate
> speeds [OOC: 35mph] towards the pile of stones that had been pointed
> out to her.
> She slows down as the ATV approaches the wall of mist.
> "Okay!" she says. "Somebody said something about a flashlight or
> lantern or torch or something. I was unconscious when they brought me
> here, so I have no idea."
> [/Louissa]
> [GM]
> As she speaks, the party hears a distant series of explosions that
> sound a lot like heavy weapons fire, followed by what sounds like a
> large amount of rock and dirt collapsing in a landslide. The direction
> is impossible to tell, however.
> [/GM]
As soon as she gets a moment (probably just before the explosion), Alex 
will call on her armor radio to everybody else, "Hawk to nestlings, I am 
with our two lost friends."

When she hears the explosion, "What is that?"

Vesper describes the way to the lantern to Louissa. He then hears the explosions and Alex question.
"I don't know." He looks out the window to see if he can see anything.
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