[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Vesper] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

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Tue Jan 8 10:45:20 UTC 2013

Alex asks on the radio, "Vesper, can you keep it busy while I try for a 
dagger strike"
She will try getting close to make a solid dagger strike on the creature 
/ girl.

On 01/02/2013 16:00, Aaron Clausen wrote:
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>>> [GM]
>>> Alex feels her dagger quiver as the monster approaches. Combat seems
>>> inevitable as the tentacled horror raises itself up...
>>> And then there's a blinding flash of light and a great cloud of smoke.
>>> As Alex and Vesper's senses return, standing there is the little girl
>>> that had been with them when they came to New Camelot; the little girl
>>> that Ted had insisted on bringing from the dwarf cave.
>>> "You are Ted Smythe's companions." the girl says in a child's voice.
>>> "We must find him and continue on. You will help."
>>> The village men get over their astonishment, and then raise their
>>> weapons. "This is no girl." one man says. "Kill this thing. It has
>>> murdered old folk, women and children."
>>> The cries go up. "Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!"
>>> Alex's dagger still quivers.
>>> [/GM]
>> [Vesper]
>> Vesper knows the creature is still the same using illusions or
>> shapeshifting to fool their minds.
>> He had almost forgotten till then that he had an entire rod of cold
>> iron for use in dispelling illusions. Still he had planned for the spear
>> head which was ready.  He threw the spear knowing that even if he missed
>> his familiar would use telekinesis to have the spear strike from behind.
>> Vesper engaged his forcefield belt.
>> [/Vesper]
>> [Alex]
>> Telepathically, Alex will ask her dagger, /What is going on?/
>> [/Alex]
> [GM]
> Alex's dagger replies in her mind /An ancient evil. I hunger for its
> potent soul, though it may be too strong./
> As Alex's dagger communicates with her, Vesper's spear races to the
> little girl. A combination of Vesper's lack of skill and the less than
> perfect spear itself means he goes wide of the mark. Vesper's familiar
> then takes over, using its telekinetic power to seize the spear and
> jam it into the creature [Strike: 11].
> The girl leaps out of the way of the spear [Dodge: 15], raises her
> hand and cries something in something that sounds like
> "Kzzzkrakpulkurzak!" and a net of glowing fibers appears [Strike: 16],
> which Vesper easily dodges [Dodge: 21].
> In the distance they hear a laser weapon fire, and the man near the
> stables' gun is blown away. Moments later he falls to the ground.
> [/GM]

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