[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

Karl Prosek karl.prosek at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 13:51:35 UTC 2013

> The men look at the captives. "Dunno," says one soldier, "that fellow
> there, he looks like Ol' Tom Wyndhome's boy. Joined a rough crowd a
> few years back, last I heard he'd escaped a prison detail up north.
> Wouldn't surprise me at all if he had joined up with the Hood's gang."
> The prisoner looks up at Oz and the soldier at the mention of "Tom
> Wyndhome", but says nothing.
> No one recognizes the other prisoners.
> The lieutenant returns to report to Oz. "Sir, your companion is being
> airlifted as we speak. Sir Prrcyvel says an entire company is coming
> to ferret out the rest of the bandits, before they head up north to
> take on the Splugorth. Says he'd like you to question the prisoners to
> find out where the Hood's hideout is."

Osmar nods at the lieutenant and gestures in the direction of the
battle site around the fallen Justin. "While I do that, have someone
gather up the bandits' gear at the firefight and stow it in the ATVs.
We might be able to figure out where they've been getting their
supplies from if we can give it a good look back at home."

He looks at the man who indicated some familiarity with one of the
prisoners. "You're with me for the questioning." He also points at
'his' two Guardsmen. "You're with me, too. Watch our backs."

"The rest of you form a perimeter and put a spotter up somewhere. I
don't want anyone getting within a quarter mile without us knowing
about it."

The German Knight Commander cracks his seals and pulled off his
helmet, breathing in the forest air for the first time. Oz looks
around for a suitable spot, finally settling on a sawed off tree trunk
far enough away from the cabin that the prisoners inside couldn't hear
what was being said. After a moment, he gestures at the Guard who'd
pointed out "Ol' Tom Wyndhome's boy" and at the prisoner he'd
indicated. "Bring that man over here so we can have a little chat."

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