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Kitsune kitsunefx at netzero.net
Thu Jan 17 18:15:15 UTC 2013

I am on one game running from a board. . . .The interesting thing is 
that they have it set so that the messages get also e-mailed through a 
yahoo groups. Might want to try doing something like that?

On 01/16/2013 15:27, Aaron Clausen wrote:
> For much of the last ten years (yeah, that's right, this game has been
> going on for ten years, though only Kitsune's left to attest to the
> first posts), I've been using an email list server put up by a very
> fine fellow, Nick Moffit, who runs zork.net.
> Times do change, and I'm looking on changing with it. In particular,
> I'm thinking of moving past email listservers (and variants like
> Google Groups or Yahoo Forums) and to some sort of web-based solution
> (like a web forum).
> This is only a preliminary plan at this moment. Well, not even a plan.
> More of a trial balloon. I want to see how you players feel about a
> possible "change of venue"?

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