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>> [GM]
>> Alex is unable to move herself away in time [Dodge: 16], and suddenly
>> finds herself under several hundred pounds of nasty yellow oozing
>> monster, her dagger hand pinned at her side.
>> The spear, however remains embedded in the creature, discoloring more
>> of its flesh. The creature begins to crawl away towards the wall of
>> fog, dragging Alex roughly underneath it.
>> [/GM]

>>> [Vesper]
>>> He also wanted to keep Alex safe and so would continue his attacks
>>> in her defense. He uttered words of magic to call lightning down
>>> on the demon.
>>> [/Vesper]

>> [GM]
>> The lightning scorches the creature, producing a burned ammonia smell.
>> The creature tries to strike at Vesper [Strike: 11], but Vesper dodges
>> [Dodge: 17].
>> As Vesper and his familiars prepare to attack again, all of a sudden,
>> around a bright red tent appears an ATV [OOC: see attached image, but
>> ATV is painted in camouflage]. A rail gun is mounted to the top and
>> someone in New Camelot City guard gear is at the rail gun.
>> [/GM]

OOC: Round #3

Vesper's Familiar - 23
Girl/Monster - 22
Alex - 18
Vesper - 14
Driver - 13
Rail Gun Operator - 7

> [Vesper]
> Vesper calls out waving his arms,  "DONT SHOOT ALEX IS UNDER
> [/Vesper]

> [Vesper's Familiar]
> He has his familiar jab the spear deeper knowing even if the spear
> hit Alex by mistake it wouldn't harm her in the coalitions advanced
> armor. [Strike: 14]
> [Vesper's Familiar]

The spear goes in even deeper this time, and the discoloration is at
least a couple of feet around the spearhead.

The monster's roars are definitely weaker, but a tentacle slithers out
and grabs the handle of the spear and throws it away [Strike: 15]. The
second the spearhead leaves its body, it seems to gain energy and
begin moving faster.

> [Alex]
> Alex will see if she can move her had at least some, possible able to
> use the dagger to make the creature get off of her. [Strike: 10]
> [/Alex]

Alex is able to point the dagger upward and jab it in. The monster
shivers, but seems less capable of controlling its massive bulk and
does not seem capable of leaping off of her. Still the dagger is again
doing damage.

> [Vesper
> He looked around for a plank or something else that might be
> used as a level to get the monster off of the beautiful soldier
> woman.
> [/Vesper]

There are several stout logs piled about ten feet away. Vesper is just
about to grab and bring it back to hoist the creature off of Alex when
the vehicle veers towards Vesper, cranking the wheel at the last
moment and is now between Vesper and the creature.

Aaron Clausen
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