[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

Karl Prosek karl.prosek at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 20:37:45 UTC 2013

> The man stares down at the ground for a few moments, clearly
> contemplating Oz's words.
> "We know the Splugorth are coming." the man says. "And the Hook said
> he'd fight them to the last, but he... we've been bandits a long time.
> The King's likely just to lock us up if we give in. Any way you look
> at it, we get a collar 'round our necks."
> The man drops his voice. "Tell you what. I'll tell 'bout the magic
> that keeps us bandits safe, if you untie me, give me a gun and let me
> go. Trust me, you won't see me again." The man seems a rat. A scared
> rat, but a rat nonetheless.
> One of the prisoners shouts out, "What you talking about Tommy?" One
> of the guardsmen gives the other prisoner a swift kick. "You say
> anything, an' we'll skin ya!" the other prisoner says between clenched
> teeth.
> "Shall I gag this one, Sir?" the guardsman asks.

Oz shook his head. "Put them both (OOC: there was an adult and a kid,
other than the one I'm talking to, I think) in one of the trucks for
transport to back to the city, restrained and under guard. I'm going
to keep talking to our friend Tom here for a few minutes."

He waited until Tom was the only prisoner remaining. "What is this
magic you mentioned?"

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