[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Vesper] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

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Fri Jan 25 19:23:20 UTC 2013

>>> [GM]
>>> Alex finds herself laying a few feet from the girl, the dagger in her
>>> hand, dripping with yellowish ichor.
>>> Vesper finds himself standing next to where the monster was with
>>> timber in hand, but instead looking on the little girl.
>>> The villagers are stunned back into silence, the return to the girl
>>> form having them confused. On some faces there's a passing sympathy,
>>> as if they have momentarily forgotten that this "girl" has slaughtered
>>> dozens of them.
>>> The ATV still keeps pulling forward, the gunner keeping a close eye on things.
>>> The little girl does not move. It's not even clear she's alive.
>>> [/GM]

>> [Vesper]
>> Vesper reaches down to help Alex up. "Are you alright, she didnt break any
>> bones when she fell on you did you ?"
>> "We need some cold iron chains to bind this thing."
>> Vesper has his familiar bring the spear over to him with telekinesis.
>> [/Vesper]

> [GM]
> Vespers' familiar fetches the spear and delivers it to him.
> [/GM]

OOC: And some more...

While the vehicle keeps moving, the gunner dismounts and runs towards
the little girl. The gunner keeps its head down the whole time. The
gunner stoops, checks breathing and pulse, and then hoists the girl
over one shoulder.

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