[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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Vesper nods and begins searching for people in the snowy environment. He has the Winter Storm Demon act as body guard for now as well as help
in the search with the scouts.  He will also look for any dead Kydians.

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> "I could stay behind Oz and try to find our missing scouts if you want."
> Vesper waited for Oz to answer.

Oz nodded. "Sure. Take a couple of my men, so there aren't any

> "As Cassandra says, most of you are welcome." he says in a harsh
> voice. "But you bring a terrible thing you, a very evil being. Surely
> you must know that to bring such a thing to a Millennium Tree could be
> viewed as a grave insult. Explain yourselves."

"And kill the evil creature, I would hope." Oz gestured at Jacek. "It
has killed most of this man's village and several of my soldiers.
We've been told that to kill it would kill Alexandra's friend, but we
would like to see justice for our dead, as well."

OOC: We brought the Hood to get healed, too, didn't we? I vaguely
remember some reason Jacek accompanied us- were we trying to get the
Hood healed?
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