[Taocow PBEM] [Alex] Book 3 - Chapter XII - Journey to the Millennium Tree

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OOC: I'm going to split Alex off here.

> [Alex]
> The Coalition Ranger will activated her radio general push, "Large force
> of Atlantian troops at +52° 50' 30.35", -2° 12' 22.29" and the magic tree.
> Any assistance anybody can give."
> [/Alex]

> [Alex]
> Alex will then look see if one is a bit differently dressed, like they
> might be a leader and fire a three round blast at them. She will do her
> best to a sharpshooter and star seeing if she can take down a few of the
> leaders.
> [/Alex]

There are what look like some officers at the rear commanding their
men (er, Kydian soldiers) to attack a part of the wall nearest to
Alex. Alex aims at one of them [Strike: 16]. The shot hits one of the
officers [Damage: 70MD], and while he doesn't go down, his armor looks
seriously frazzled.

This creates a considerable commotion in that attacking unit, as Alex
can distantly hear the Kydian Powerlord commanders shouting to their
troops and pointing up the hill to where Alex is located (though they
cannot see her). She has relieved the defenders on that section of the
wall for the moment, and several open fire on the confused Kydians.

The Kydians look prepared to split the unit in two, with half
remaining to duke it out with the defenders, and the other half moving
what looks to be a very nasty piece of artillery in her direction.

While this is going on, Alex gets her first response from her radio message.

> [Oz]
> "We are not engaging, remember? Do not engage the enemy. Get
> an estimate of numbers and strength and return to the unit. Avoid
> contact. Do not engage."
> [/Oz]

It's a little late for that...

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