[Taocow PBEM] [Oz, Alex and Ted] Book 3 - Chapter XII - Journey to the Millennium Tree

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>> [GM]
>> The rest of the men, almost by instinct, start doing weapons checks
>> and checking out their heavy energy weapons. Clearly they think they
>> may be ordered to go to battle.
>> While Ted meditates, Oz and Alex are largely left to their own devices.
>> It's then that they hear a low moaning sound coming from the ATV that
>> the girl/creature is being held in. For the moment, the Borg seems
>> busy talking to his own men, and does not appear to have heard the
>> moaning sounds.
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> While he was distracted by the possibility of a demon waking up and
> ripping him limb from limb, Oz was with it enough to register Alex's
> message. He got on the radio to reply. "We are not engaging, remember?
> Do not engage the enemy. Get an estimate of numbers and strength and
> return to the unit. Avoid contact. Do not engage."
> He immediately got on the guard channel. "Where are my scouting reports?"
> [/Oz]

One of his scouts finally reports in.

"We've got an open rift here that may be doing something to the Tree.
Sending pictures. Awaiting further orders."

OOC: Here's a partial repost to show what the pictures show:

>> [GM]
>> ...
>> [The shots are] overlooking a wide shallow valley.
>> Towering in front of them is the Millennium Tree, towering hundreds of
>> feet into the air. Just beyond it is the nexus, flaring with latent
>> energy.
>> Surrounding the tree is a makeshift ring of stones, wood, old
>> vehicles, chunks of concrete and earth. Surrounding it is what looks
>> like an entire Splugorth division; Kydian Powerlords, Kittani, slaver
>> barges with their slavers and blind warrior women, tattooed men, the
>> freakish Metzlains and even a unit of Gargoyles.
>> On the defender's side are some units of New Camelot infantry, local
>> folk, what look like a couple of Technowizards and several other mages
>> (probably ley line walkers). There are also several nymphs, sylphs, a
>> whole legion of faeries, giants, a red dragon as well as several
>> gryphons. Despite the Splugorth's impressive military power, the
>> inhabitants of the tree seem to be holding their own in a pitched
>> battle.
>> ...
>> [/GM]

As Oz reviews the pictures, he hears more moans from the cab of the
ATV. And then his scout reports again. "Someone has engaged the enemy.
Repeat! Someone has engaged the enemy."

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