[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

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>> [GM]
>> The Borg then turns to back to Oz and speaks in Euro again. "I cannot
>> contact the Hood from here. You and an escort may lead me to the Wall,
>> and there we can negotiate. Agreed?"
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> Oz nodded, responding in Euro. "Agreed." He gestured up the slope.
> "Are we going up there? I'll let my men know."
> [/Oz]

The Borg leads Oz up the gully. As they walk past, Oz's men keep a
very wary eye on the Borg. They know very well that even a single
full-conversion Borg can sometimes be worth a dozen men.

At the top Oz can see a very strange sight. In the distance is a wall
of fog or mist, stretching high into the sky and seeming to surround a
large chunk of this plateau.

More important matters are at hand. The Borg's own company still have
their weapons, and while they are not holding them at ready, they
clearly are in no great hurry to disarm. "Do not raise your weapons."
the Borg commands again.

"This way." the Borg says, gesturing towards the wall of fog, and then
keeps going. The wall of fog is now in front of Oz and the Borg. The
Borg seems ready to bend down and pull something out from within the
fog when suddenly three people appear; two women and a young child.
All are covered in blood, with no lack of wounds.

"Jacek," one of the women says, "oh Jacek. It is a horror. So many
dead. Aye, that King sent a demon to kill us all. The Hood, he lays
dying, his arm torn off. There are at least twenty dead, some of them

The Borg grabs the woman and lifts her up. "What are you talking
about?" the Borg demands. He drops the woman and turns to Oz. "What is
this? What sorcery have you done, King's man? You want our aid and
send demons to kill us?"

Oz doesn't need to see a facial expression to know the Borg is on the
verge of attack.

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