[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

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>> [GM]
>> "Jacek," one of the women says, "oh Jacek. It is a horror. So many
>> dead. Aye, that King sent a demon to kill us all. The Hood, he lays
>> dying, his arm torn off. There are at least twenty dead, some of them
>> children."
>> The Borg grabs the woman and lifts her up. "What are you talking
>> about?" the Borg demands. He drops the woman and turns to Oz. "What is
>> this? What sorcery have you done, King's man? You want our aid and
>> send demons to kill us?"
>> Oz doesn't need to see a facial expression to know the Borg is on the
>> verge of attack.
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> Oz shook his head. "Why talk to you if the king was sending demons?
> Why would we even be here if that were the case?" He gestured at his
> men. "Any of you that have medic training, see to these people."
> [/Oz]

One of Oz's men runs forward, takes off his backpack and retrieves a
medkit, and immediately sets about cleaning wounds, tending broken
bones and strains, and giving everyone a mild sedative.

Jacek looks into the mist, as if trying to see what is beyond it.

> [Oz]
> The German looked at the survivors. "This demon, what did it look
> like? It might be that the Slugorth got here before we did."
> [/Oz]

One of the women, calmed a bit by the sedative, is able to give a description.

"T'was a multi-tentacled thing, m'lord." she says. "Aye, like one o'
them sea squid, but bigger an' all mottled yellow."

Another woman interjects, "Aye, that's how it looked rampaging, but
I'd swear to the Gods 'pon my mother's grave that when it first came,
twas in the form o' a little girl, no more than seven or eight

That certainly rings bells with Oz. He remembers the little girl that
had traveled with them to New Camelot, and the horrible creature that
had seized Louissa, that, as he remembered was a mottled yellow
tentacled monstrosity.

Jacek clearly is growing impatient. In Euro he tells Oz "I will not
wait any longer. Tend to the women if that's what you're good for, but
I'm taking my men to rescue our comrades."

In American he shouts to his men, "Alright men, we're making for the
village. Quickly now!"

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