[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

Karl Prosek karl.prosek at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 20:41:12 UTC 2013

> Another woman interjects, "Aye, that's how it looked rampaging, but
> I'd swear to the Gods 'pon my mother's grave that when it first came,
> twas in the form o' a little girl, no more than seven or eight
> summers."
> That certainly rings bells with Oz. He remembers the little girl that
> had traveled with them to New Camelot, and the horrible creature that
> had seized Louissa, that, as he remembered was a mottled yellow
> tentacled monstrosity.

Oz certainly wasn't going to cop to personally knowing the little
demon who had killed these peoples' friends and family. Especially
when he didn't, really. She had just been a spooky little girl he'd
picked up. It wasn't like he had been the one who'd let her join the

> Jacek clearly is growing impatient. In Euro he tells Oz "I will not
> wait any longer. Tend to the women if that's what you're good for, but
> I'm taking my men to rescue our comrades."
> In American he shouts to his men, "Alright men, we're making for the
> village. Quickly now!"

Oz points at his appointed bodyguards. He'd appointed them, sure, and
it probably wasn't strictly official, but they seemed happy enough to
follow him. "You're with me." He looks at the sergeant. "Stay here.
Secure this entry point. You're going to need to watch for enemy
contact coming from the direction of the mist as well as down the
riverbed. If we're not back by nightfall take the wounded to the
closest base for medical assistance."

He nods at his three men and gestures at the borg. "We're following
them. Keep your eyes open. Watch out for out-of-place looking little

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