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>> [GM]
>> The tower looks similar, though perhaps not quite the same. There are
>> no windows, but there is a very narrow winding staircase and now that
>> they are underneath it, they can see what looks like a platform high
>> above.
>> Vesper senses the dimensional distortion reach its maximum. Indeed
>> there seems to be something appearing in the fog, like a small dark
>> region. For an instant it looks as if something, or perhaps two
>> somethings, fall out of the darker region on to the platform above
>> with a distant but distinct "thud". And then, the dimensional
>> distortion has faded away into the already existing dimensional
>> oddities of this fog.
>> The other ATV again opens fire. Most shots miss, but a couple of
>> rounds hit their ATV with a loud thwack!
>> [/GM]

> [Ted]
> Ted will return fire [Strike: 4].
> [/Ted]

Ted's railgun fire misses the vehicle.

The other ATV returns fire in turn [Strike: 10], hitting the rear of
the ATV [Damage: 14MD].

> [Alex]
> Alex has a strange idea. She loads a flare grenade into her grenade
> launcher and fires it right at the windshield of the vehicle.
> [Strike: 11]
> [/Alex]

The flare grenade strikes the lower part of the windshield of the
pursuing vehicle, so does not hit the gunner. However, the result
seems satisfactory, as the ATV swerves unsuccessfully [Dodge: 7] to
avoid the grenade. The driver is unable to recover, or possibly
blinded by the flare, cannot, and plunges off the trail. In moments,
the pursuing ATV is engulfed into the mist, and suddenly the engine
sound shifts from behind them to somewhere to their right, and then to
their left.

> [Vesper]
> "Two someones or somethings rifted in up there on the upper platform
> of the tower."
> [/Vesper]

Far above them, on the platform, they can swear the see someone waving
their arms.

Louissa brings the ATV to a skidding halt.

"Looks like someone looking for help." she says. "What do you want to do?"

Takes out his rifle and sites through the telescope to see who is waving up on the tower.
"First I am going to see just who or what is up there."

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