[Taocow PBEM] [Alex, Vesper, Louissa and Ted????] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

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Nodded, "Louissa it looks like who,  you were about to say something ?  Are they dangerous ?"

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Rifle still out, Alex states, "Lets be cautious here. We just got out of 
one frying pan. Don't want to find ourselves in the fire.

On 03/13/2013 16:53, Aaron Clausen wrote:
>>>>> [GM]
>>>>> Far above them, on the platform, they can swear the see someone waving
>>>>> their arms.
>>>>> [/GM]
>>>>> [Louissa]
>>>>> Louissa brings the ATV to a skidding halt.
>>>>> "Looks like someone looking for help." she says. "What do you want to do?"
>>>>> [/Louissa]
>>>> [Vesper]
>>>> Takes out his rifle and sites through the telescope to see who is waving up
>>>> on the tower.
>>>> "First I am going to see just who or what is up there."
>>>> [/Vesper]
>>> [GM]
>>> The mists still render the figure somewhat indistinct, but Vesper can
>>> quite easily see that the figure above is too small to be a regular
>>> human. The mists clear enough so that he can catch sight of a large,
>>> bulbous nose and a long black beard.
>>> [/GM]
>> [Vesper]
>> "Hmmmm some kind of short humanoid with a black beard and a rather
>> round nose.  No one that I know of but they are waving to us,  do we want
>> to check this out ?"
>> [/Vesper]
> [Louissa]
> "That sounds like a..." Louissa starts to say.
> [/Louissa]
> [GM]
> Suddenly another figure of a more a proper human height appears. He
> (it sounds like a man) shouts "Over here...help....Over here!!!"
> [/GM]
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