[Taocow PBEM] [Alex, Vesper, Louissa and Ted????] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

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OOC: Okay, I'm mucking up all over the place! This is the post! The
other I resent is my previous one

>>> [Vesper]
>>> Nodded, "Louissa it looks like who,  you were about to say something?
>>> Are they dangerous ?"
>>> [/Vesper]

>> [Louissa]
>> "No.... well maybe, maybe not." Louissa replies. "The one... person...
>> sounds like a dwarf. That might mean good dwarf or bad dwarf. They are
>> asking for help, though. What should we do?"
>> [/Louissa]

>> [GM]
>> Somewhere off to their left, or no, is it their right, or perhaps
>> behind or in front, they hear some distant shouts, and then the sound
>> of what is likely the pursuing ATV braking to a halt. They cannot,
>> however, see anything.
>> [/GM]

>> [Louissa]
>> "I don't feel right about leaving anybody in this fog." she says. "But
>> I think we've got to move."
>> [/Louissa]

> [Alex]
> "What you put me through," Alex responds. "Barely get to civilization
> and immediately back into the fire. Even in the CS we usually got some R
> and R."
> Even so, does not stop her from following cautiously. She will also scan
> through her radio to see if anybody is transmitting.
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> "Then we try and rescue them.  Keep the ATV running."
> He prepared to head out and wave the two down.  "They can ride outside
> if we really don't trust them but I agree if we can get them out of here we
> should."
> He handed Alex the iron spearhead. Whispering to her, "Whatch the girl
> you might need this."
> [/Vesper]

> [Ted]
> "Nor do I," Ted agreed. "Does the road continue toward the tower? We will
> be safer mounted than on foot."
> [/Ted]

OOC: The road runs right past the tower. They are stopped quite close
to the tower now.

While Louissa and Ted remain nervously inside the ATV, Vesper, with
Alex behind him, make their way to the tower. As they get closer, they
can see that it looks to have suffered considerable damage at some
point in the past, and that less capable individuals have attempted to
repair it with some duller, though still black substance. The steps up
are narrow [OOC: perhaps 18 inches wide] and many are cracked or
missing. Even worse, the heavy mists have left a slick layer of water
on each step, and the steps themselves are as smooth as glass. Ascent
will be difficult and treacherous, descent even worse.

The closer the two adventurers get to the tower, the more they sense
something like a sub-sonic vibration. The ground under their feet
seems to be humming.

Ted and Louissa are watching, trying to be ready if and when something happens.

Finally Vesper is at the steps. The platform is far overhead, and
other than flying, their seems no obvious way up other than the steps.

In the distance can still be heard shouting.

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