[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

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>> [GM]
>> "Yes, these are mine." Jacek replies, sounding annoyed. "And they are
>> the fools who fired and killed one of their own."
>> "Get out of the vehicle." Jacek commands the men, who waste no time in
>> following his orders.
>> "What is the meaning of firing in the Anomaly?" he asks the men.
>> "We... we... were pursuing a creature that killed many in the village,
>> Commander." one of them says. "We had nearly killed it when it was
>> rescued. Two of the rescuers were the Hood's prisoners. They have
>> stolen the other ATV."
>> Jacek wastes no time, and hops into the ATV. "I suppose you know
>> nothing of a rescue mission for this monster, do you?" he asks Oz in
>> Euro. "Well, are you coming?" he says in English.
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> "I'd never heard of your Mist here until just before we encountered
> you at the rockslide. There are others out here from New Avalon. Not
> military; adventurers. They may have wanted to rescue the two
> prisoners your man mentioned from the village, but I can't imagine why
> they would be trying to rescue this child-demon." Oz spoke in Euro as
> he climbed up and gestured at his men to follow him up into the ATV.
> [/Oz]

"One man's monster may be another man's friend, pet... or master." Jacek
replies. "We will see the nature of your promises in a few moments,

> [Oz]
> He switched to English so his men would understand. "If they're in
> league with the girl-alien-monster I'll happily help you kill the
> creature and take them into custody. I have no intention of helping
> this creature escape. I am glad to hear it can be wounded."
> [/Oz]

A couple of Jacek's men jump in as well, making for a pretty cramped
quarters in the ATV. Jacek doesn't even wait for anyone to get properly
seated before he hits the accelerator and drives ahead at a rather
scary (considering the environment) thirty miles per hour.

A couple of minutes later Oz can see something very tall looming in the
distance in front of them. And then it's gone, and then it's back, except
to their left, and then to their right.

And then, quite suddenly, they are looking at a tall tower of black
obsidian. It looks almost like a dripping candle at first sight.

And then, as Jacek steers around it, they see the other ATV sitting their,
someone in New Camelot armor at the rail gun, a young woman at the wheel
that looks like Oz's brief companion Louissa. Two others are standing at
the base of the tower; and they look to be other companions of his; Vesper
and the ex-Coalition scout Alex.

Finally they see two others walking down some rather questionable-looking
stairs. A dwarf in fine but battered armor, beard down to his knees, and
another in spiked Juicer Super Hide armor.

Jaces spikes the brakes, bringing the ATV to a skidding halt. "You're in
charge here." he says to Oz.

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