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"I am confused but what is new," the ranger states.
"Who are you guys," shouts to the guys in the tower coming

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> [GM] A minute or so later they see the two strangers come down the stairs. One is, as Louissa guessed, a dwarf. His armor is of unfamiliar make, but looks of the highest quality. His long black beard hangs to his knees. The other is a man dressed in what looks to be a mish-mash of different types of armor all welded together, over top which he wears a drab green hood and cloak.. Both are oddly enough quite yet and both look very exhausted. And then, as if enough things weren't happening at once, there is the roar of an engine, and suddenly the other ATV that they had just been shooting at reappears from around the far side of the tower, this time being piloted by what looks like full conversion borg and none other than their companion, Osmar, who they had last seen at the stream an hour or two ago. The back seat of the ATV looks to be packed with a couple of ragtag bandit types like they saw in the village and some New Camelot soldiers. [/GM] -- Aaron
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"Alex is that your friend ?"  said about the uncoming atv.
Vesper tries his radio, "Oz is that you ?"  He prepares just in case he needs to create cover for himself and the others.
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