[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XI - All Together Again!

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>> [Thodin]
>> The dwarf looks at the wilderness scout. "You speak of millennium
>> trees." he says. "They do have healing powers, I have seen that with
>> my own eyes. But I do not know where the nearest one is."
>> [/Thodin]

>> [Jacek the Borg]
>> "I do." the Borg says. "The nearest is some eighty miles north of
>> here, as the crow flies. Perhaps a hundred by the roads."
>> Jacek seems to think for a moment. "I have a proposition for all of
>> you." he says. "I will guide you personally to this tree. We will take
>> the girl, or beast, or whatever it is. The Millennium Druids are wise
>> in many arts, and perhaps they can heal the lizard man, and guide us
>> in how to dispose of that girl."
>> "The condition of my guiding all of you is that our sorcerer bind this
>> girl in a mystical cage. She receives no food, no sustenance, and none
>> shall communicate with her. I will leave it in the hands of the Druids
>> to judge her and dispose of her."
>> "Will you agree, lizard man?" the Borg says to Ted. He turns then to
>> Oz. "And you, Knight Commander, will you give the King's consent, as I
>> am now the King's servant?"
>> [/Jacek the Borg]

> [Ted]
> "I agree, sir," Ted replies.
> [/Ted]

> [Oz]
> Oz nodded. "I agree to this." He looked at Ted. "Hopefully we don't
> encounter aliens or demons on our way to your healing tree. Do you
> agree?"
> [/Oz]

> [Vesper]
> "The great trees have been known to cure many ailments and I can
> attest the druids I have known show compassion and mercy to the
> people.  If any might be able to cure you Ted, these druids or their
> tree might." He said to Ted.
> [/Vesper]

"It is said there are few healers in the world greater than the
Millenium Druids." Thodin says. "They are also said to be very wise
and farseeing."

He turns to his companion, Miles. "Friend Miles, it might be good to
visit these druids. We have seen some startling things that perhaps we
could discuss with them. I say we go with these people. What say you?"

> [Alex]
> The red headed ranger just nods her head. If is hard to tell but by her
> posture but still there seems to be an element of being relaxed more
> than there was before.
> [/Alex]

"Very well." he says. "It is agreed. I still demand that this...
girl... be bound and watched at all times."

"And now, I shall surrender to the King of New Camelot, in whole, our
small domain." He begins speaking in Euro, obviously over his internal

[For those that understand...] "Ivona, command the tower to kill the
dimensional field. We shall take the things to the nearest Millienium

Moments later there is a high-pitched squealing, and a bright blue
light appears atop the tower. A breeze begins to blow, and then it
grows faster and faster, until it is a high wind. Rocks and dirt are
flung around, and it's all the lighter members of the company can do
to keep their ground. The odd mist doesn't move with the wind, but
does begin to dissipate.

And then they are standing on a rocky plateau, littered with the
bleached remains of trees and other plants, a few small streams
cutting through it. About ninety feet away is the village, with its
tents and shanties. For the first time, Oz can see the wreckage of the
girl-things attack. The bodies have been removed, but there are blood
stains everywhere.

A woman with short grey hair and long white robes strides towards the
company. She bows to Jacek and then speaks in an accent similar to
his. "The Hood is in serious condition. His wounds were grievous. You
shall take him, too. And I hope you are ready for the responsibility
you have put upon us. King's servants indeed."

Even she speaks, at the opposite end of the village, about fifty
heavily armed New Camelot soldiers, including a Titan bot appear. He
rides up, and seeing everyone is well, shows some relief. "We lost
contact with you, Oz." he says. "Got worried there. I'm glad your
company is all together again."

He looks at Jacek, and then at Ted. "Now here's a strange story. By
all accounts you're locked up in the deepest dungeons of the palace in
New Camelot. I don't suppose you have an explanation."

Jacek says nothing to Prrcyval, but turns to the rest of the company.
"I trust you will tell *Sir* Prrycyvel of your planned journey."

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