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OCC: I'm for it, though Miles is remaining quiet for a bit.

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>> [GM]
>> Moments later there is a high-pitched squealing, and a bright blue
>> light appears atop the tower. A breeze begins to blow, and then it
>> grows faster and faster, until it is a high wind. Rocks and dirt are
>> flung around, and it's all the lighter members of the company can do
>> to keep their ground. The odd mist doesn't move with the wind, but
>> does begin to dissipate.
>> And then they are standing on a rocky plateau, littered with the
>> bleached remains of trees and other plants, a few small streams
>> cutting through it. About ninety feet away is the village, with its
>> tents and shanties. For the first time, Oz can see the wreckage of the
>> girl-things attack. The bodies have been removed, but there are blood
>> stains everywhere.
>> A woman with short grey hair and long white robes strides towards the
>> company. She bows to Jacek and then speaks in an accent similar to
>> his. "The Hood is in serious condition. His wounds were grievous. You
>> shall take him, too. And I hope you are ready for the responsibility
>> you have put upon us. King's servants indeed."
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> Oz nods at the grey haired woman. "We will do our best to see that he
> receives treatment for his injuries." Camelot's newest Knight
> Commander glanced at Jacek and drops his voice. "Fighting the good
> fight is all well and good, Jacek, but if your village has any
> non-combatants I wouldn't suggest they forego the safety of your
> protective fog. They would probably be better off here than fleeing
> north.
> [/Oz]

Jacek shakes his head. "If this creature can penetrate our defenses
and do such harm, then the Splugorth will be no less capable. What
you're going to do is make sure these people are quartered in New
Camelot... sir."

>> [GM]
>> Even she speaks, at the opposite end of the village, about fifty
>> heavily armed New Camelot soldiers, including a Titan bot appear. He
>> rides up, and seeing everyone is well, shows some relief. "We lost
>> contact with you, Oz." he says. "Got worried there. I'm glad your
>> company is all together again."
>> He looks at Jacek, and then at Ted. "Now here's a strange story. By
>> all accounts you're locked up in the deepest dungeons of the palace in
>> New Camelot. I don't suppose you have an explanation."
>> Jacek says nothing to Prrcyval, but turns to the rest of the company.
>> "I trust you will tell *Sir* Prrycyvel of your planned journey."
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> Oz nodded at Sir Prrcyvel and gestured at Jacek. "This is the Hood's
> man, Jacek. In the King's name, I offered him and his people amnesty
> in exchange for their service against the aliens. But we also need to
> take the Hood to the millennium tree to the north to be healed."
> [/Oz]

[Sir Prrcyvel]
"A dangerous journey, me thinks, Knight Commander." Prrcyvel says.
"The nearest millennium tree is the Hobourne Tree at Hobourne Wood,
and the last word we had was that the enemy was within thirty miles of
it. A millennium tree is a powerful defense, and the Splugorth will
move to surround it so we cannot use it."

Prrcyvel thinks for a moment.
[/Sir Prrcyvel]

> [Alex]
> In her camouflage armor, Alex looks towards the sky. Politics are not
> her strong suit. She will look at where the girl is to make sure that she
> does not catch anything that needs her attention. Otherwise, she will
> stand guard in case something else does its usual and goes wrong.
> [/Alex]

[Sir Prrcyvel]
"Very well." Prrcyvel says. "You can take along your company of men,
Knight Commander. We'll give you a transport, and I'm sure the Hood
can be carried in one of the ATVs. Meet with the chief Millennium
Druid, her name is Elysandya, and offer her what help you can in the
preparations. If you head out now, and if nothing gets in your way,
you can reach the tree by nightfall."
[/Sir Prrcyvel]

As Prrcyvel finishes speaking, the party sees an entire company of New
Camelot soldiers come over the crest of a hill. One of them salutes Oz
and shouts "Alright men! Here's the Commander. At ease for a few

OOC: Okay, I'm assuming everyone is in favor of going to the Hobourne
Millennium Tree. If there's any last minute things they want, like
reprovisioning, let me know, otherwise I'll start the next chapter out

Aaron Clausen
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