[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XII - Journey to the Millennium Tree

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On 05/10/2013 15:49, Aaron Clausen wrote:
> OOC: And on to a new chapter!
> [GM]
> As the party collects themselves and prepares for their journey, the
> transport Sir Prrcyvel promised arrives. Clearly, the knight has
> little intention of giving them New Camelot's best equipment. The
> vehicle looks like a heavily armored school bus, with room for thirty
> men and equipment. There are is a rail gun turret as well as window
> shields with firing slits which can be pulled up to keep the interior
> secure in case there is a firefight. It has four sets of large armored
> tires. It looks formidable, but slow. Still, it looks able to carry
> the small army which is apparently Oz's military unit.
> Jacek insists on riding in whichever vehicle the girl is in. He
> clearly has little trust in her seemingly grievous condition, or in
> his traveling companions. He keeps as much of an eye on Ted as he does
> the girl.
> It is already late afternoon by the time supplies (generously supplied
> by Sir Prrcyvel) are loaded on the transport. The vehicle has an
> e-clip charger onboard, but there are also a large crate filled with
> spare short and long e-clips. There are enough rations to keep
> everyone in food for four or five days without rationing, though Sir
> Prrcyvel thinks, if there is no trouble, they should reach the
> Millennium tree by tomorrow.
> Finally the company is underway; the large transport and the two ATVs.
> It is then that the "Hood", the leader of the people of the village,
> is brought on a stretcher. One arm has been torn away and it's clear
> the man is in grievous condition. He has been tended with skill, and
> the woman with the short grey hair gives him a blood transfusion
> before he is loaded on to the transport.
> Sir Prrcyvel bids the company good luck, and then begins his ride back
> to New Camelot, singing a bawdy song in a surprisingly robust voice.
> The going at first as slow as the vehicles wend their way down this
> high hill on a narrow road that could be better described as a hunting
> track. The sun is beginning to set as the company finally is at the
> bottom of the hill and moving on to the main north-south road from New
> Camelot to its northern borders (and beyond).
> It is about seven o'clock in the evening, and the company has covered
> about thirty miles, when one of Oz's men suggests that they set up
> camp for the night. He seems concerned that the further north they go,
> the more risk of contact with the Splugorth, and he'd prefer his men
> to be fully rested for such an encounter.
> The area they are going through is a land of rolling hills and fields,
> with many streams. They are driving through the remnants of an old
> pre-Rifts town, and generations of post-Apocalyptic residence have
> torn most of the buildings down for materials, and for the most part
> only old foundations are left. There are some very large ones, with
> thick weathered concrete walls, large enough for a large encampment.
> There are already some refugees already camping there, with several
> fires lit and the delicious smell of cooking wafting towards the
> company as they approach.
> It's then that the company notices the first flecks of snowing. Soon
> snowflakes are dancing in a stiffening breeze.
> [/GM]
> OOC: Okay, so you all have a choice. You can keep pushing through the
> night, and probably reach the tree in the early hours of the morning.
> Or you can rest up and head out in the morning, reaching the tree by
> midday tomorrow. That is, if this snow doesn't turn into a snow storm.
"I think we should continue on," Alex states. As a professional, "Need 
to set a good watch with some of us resting with the others standing 

She will take a moment or two as to at least take her helmet off and 
brush out her hair and get out the tangles.

ooc: Not sure what kind of vehicles we are in. Something like a Humvee 
(H1 not H2 or H3 toys) is incredible going over most snow. Six and eight 
wheeled (LAV and Striker) are even better and tracked are just 
incredible. Russians still use decommissioned military tracked vehicles 
as winter transport in Siberia. Palladium Books is way of base trying to 
indicate that cyborgs would be better in such terrain

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