[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XII - Journey to the Millennium Tree

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>> [GM]
>> As the party collects themselves and prepares for their journey, the
>> transport Sir Prrcyvel promised arrives. Clearly, the knight has
>> little intention of giving them New Camelot's best equipment. The
>> vehicle looks like a heavily armored school bus, with room for thirty
>> men and equipment. There are is a rail gun turret as well as window
>> shields with firing slits which can be pulled up to keep the interior
>> secure in case there is a firefight. It has four sets of large armored
>> tires. It looks formidable, but slow. Still, it looks able to carry
>> the small army which is apparently Oz's military unit.
>> ...
>> [/GM]

As preparations are made, Sir Prrcyvel, at Ted's request, has his
belongings retrieved from New Camelot. He also has confirmed that the
apparently "fake" Ted is behind bars, awaiting close analysis by

>> [GM]
>> ...
>> The area they are going through is a land of rolling hills and fields,
>> with many streams. They are driving through the remnants of an old
>> pre-Rifts town, and generations of post-Apocalyptic residence have
>> torn most of the buildings down for materials, and for the most part
>> only old foundations are left. There are some very large ones, with
>> thick weathered concrete walls, large enough for a large encampment.
>> There are already some refugees already camping there, with several
>> fires lit and the delicious smell of cooking wafting towards the
>> company as they approach.
>> It's then that the company notices the first flecks of snowing. Soon
>> snowflakes are dancing in a stiffening breeze.
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> "I think we should continue on," Alex states. As a professional, "Need
> to set a good watch with some of us resting with the others standing
> guard."
> She will take a moment or two as to at least take her helmet off and
> brush out her hair and get out the tangles.
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> "My instincts tell me to push on as much as I would like the time to rest.
> I just want to get this business of the creature and Ted's cure dealt with.
> Though I agree with Alex if we stay to rest we need a watch and they
> need to know that girl is vulnerable to cold iron in case that becomes
> an issue."
> [/Vesper]

> [Oz]
> Oz looks curiously at Alex. "Which is it- should we continue on
> through the night or should we make camp here and set guards?" He
> looked up at the grey sky and the falling snow. It reminded him of
> home, though he would never admit that to anyone.
> [/Oz]

> [Alex]
> "I mean some resting in the vehicles while others keep watch," Alex
> states. "First thing you learn in the military is to get some rest when
> you can."
> [/Alex]

> [Oz]
> Oz nods at her and gets back on the radio with his sergeant. "We'll
> keep moving, try to beat this snowstorm to the Tree. Standard watch
> shifts but switch drivers out every four hours, maximum. Everybody
> who's not on watch or driving should try to get some sleep."
> [/Oz]

[Jacek the Borg]
Jacek agrees. "The Hood will not live long at this rate. We should not
stop for a little snow."
[/Jacek the Borg]

The large encampment dwindles into the snowy distance, and the smell
of cooking food with it. A few soldiers grumble, but quickly set about
watches as this small caravan makes its way through snowy England.

The night passes without event, and for the first time in some time
everyone gets a good bit of rest. The going is slow, however, as the
snow fall turns into a snow storm, with high winds that make
conditions even for large ATVs tricky. At times they barely crawl
along at ten miles an hour.

By morning the snowstorm has passed and, in the grey light of a new
day, the world is completely transformed as the countryside is covered
in snow at some places several feet deep. The clouds begin lifting and
by about 8:30am they can see some distance.

And that's when they see, over a rise, distant columns of thick black
smoke. No sounds can be heard, but the snow may be dampening them. As
they get closer, they see, even in daylight, the yellow and red of
fire reflected in the low clouds, and now they do hear what almost
sounds like machinery; perhaps vehicles, and what could be the sounds
of weapons fire. It's hard to gauge the distance, but perhaps it is a
half a mile or a mile away.

OOC: All of this is happening over a rise or hill that the road winds
over. Nothing can be directly seen except for the smoke and the glare
of fire.

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