[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XII - Journey to the Millennium Tree

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Vesper smiled to Alex,  "Keep yourself safe you give me a good inspiration to come back in one piece."
He waved to the others then cast shadow meld and stuck to the darkened areas as he moved to scout out the
other side of the rise.

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>"I could go with them if you want."
>He made sure his familiars were warm taking some of the bedding
        from the apc to help insulate his serpent.
>He gives Alex the iron spear head. "You know how useful this is
        if you need it."
ooc: That spear is not from the Spear of Christ. I don't think Alex's theology is that sophisticated to know about that however

"I guess," the scout responds. God must be powered by irony however.
    Her, the Coalition trooper getting all of the magic items. A magic
    dagger she still has not figure out a name and now this spear. She
    wonders if it might be best for her to help the scouts but somebody
    should stay with the rest.

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