[Taocow PBEM] [Vesper] Book 3 - Chapter XII - Journey to the Millennium Tree

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Vesper soon catches up with the scouts, who are already three quarters
of the way up the hill. As they approach the top, the smell of the
smoke becomes clear. A bit oily, but also the smell of burning wood as

Finally they reach the top and are overlooking a wide shallow valley.
Towering in front of them is the Millennium Tree, towering hundreds of
feet into the air. Just beyond it is the nexus, flaring with latent

Surrounding the tree is a makeshift ring of stones, wood, old
vehicles, chunks of concrete and earth. Surrounding it is what looks
like an entire Splugorth division; Kydian Powerlords, Kittani, slaver
barges with their slavers and blind warrior women, tattooed men, the
freakish Metzlains and even a unit of Gargoyles.

On the defender's side are some units of New Camelot infantry, local
folk, what look like a couple of Technowizards and several other mages
(probably ley line walkers). There are also several nymphs, sylphs, a
whole legion of faeries, giants, a red dragon as well as several
gryphons. Despite the Splugorth's impressive military power, the
inhabitants of the tree seem to be holding their own in a pitched

Still, the one thing there doesn't seem to be obvious way to
accomplish is actually getting to the tree. There are at least six or
seven thousand Splugorth soldiers below.

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