[Taocow PBEM] [Oz and Vesper] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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>> [Stranger]
>> The stranger speaks to Oz, without waiting to be addressed "Where I
>> come from, we only disarm enemies.  If you're an enemy, I have far too
>> great a need of my weapon to consider giving it up."
>> [/Stranger]

> [Oz]
> "It's a strange time, and a strange place. My men were just trying to
> see to the safety of their brothers in arms. You don't have to give up
> your weapon, madam." He glances briefly at his soldier. "But what does
> he mean by a... 'dramatic entrance'?"
> [/Oz]

>> [GM]
>> "'Twas like a lightning bolt or some sort of an explosion, sir!" the
>> soldier says. "We thought it was some sort o' damned bomb. When she
>> appeared, she was talking about anti-matter something or others."
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> "Very well." Oz nods at the woman. "Carry on, then, miss. I can't
> offer you the hospitality of this place, as I am a guest myself. I can
> have my men escort you to the druids who do rule here." He nods at his
> soldier. "Escort the lady to the banquet hall and introduce her to the
> druids. You should find them there."
> [/Oz]

The soldier salutes, and then turns to the strange woman. "If you will
come with me, ma'am."

> [Oz]
> He gives the woman a respectful nod and turns to join his sergeant
> interrogating the Altaran woman. With his back turned he murmurs over
> the encrypted guard radio channel to his man, "Don't leave her alone
> until you pass her off to the druids or their security. We don't want
> to be responsible for an incident here."
> [/Oz]

OOC: Okay, Oz is going to see the Altaran woman. Will Vesper be going as well?

A druid leads Oz to the base of the vast tree. Between two vast roots
is a door thick, dark wood, perhaps ten feet high and nearly that
across. Two druids in Millennium bark armor stand at guard with wooden
staffs in their hands. They nod to Oz's guide, and the door swings
open to reveal an underground passage that leads under the roots of
the tree.

The passage is fairly wide and must clearly must be bored right out of
a large root, as it surface is smooth and woody. The passageway is lit
with glowing yellowish lichen that gives the tunnel a somewhat
surreal, dreamlike quality. As they walk along the main passage, other
passages go off in various directions in what is clearly a dizzying
maze of tunnels.

Finally they reach their destination, another large wooden door with
two more druid guards. Again, the door opens for them and a large
chamber is revealed. The chamber is delved out of earth and rock, but
great roots act to support it.

Most of the chamber is filled with stores; barrels of wine and ale,
grains, vegetables and meats hanging from roots. In the middle is a
large well with a bucket large enough to hold a man hanging from a
rope. There is enough supplies here to feed a small army for months.

Along the far wall are a few cells, carved into rock, and with wooden
doors surrounding them. In one cell Oz sees the "girl" creature,
sitting on a wooden bench and smiling beatifically. Four druid guards
and a mercenary with an energy rifle and vibrosword guard that cell.

In another cell the Altaran Blind Warrior woman sits. The doors to
that cell are open, and she is chatting with a kindly elderly druid. A
half-finished meal sits beside her. She looks up and sees Oz and
smiles nervously.

"You have come to ask of me questions?" she asks. "I will cooperate."

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