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OCC: Ok for some reason what was sent for Miles and a few other things have
vanished from my email. I remember what was said so I will reply
here...sorry for any issues this causes:

Miles looks at the two love birds, gets a strange look on his face then
quietly says to Thodin:
"No, it must be some odd mating ritual that has developed since the end
times among their kind. If you find a hose with water we can hose them down
and maybe they will think straight."
With that Miles turns his attention to the druids and this amazing tree.
Fascinated by magic, Miles tries to take mental notes of everything so he
can add this to his personal journal.
As for the "booty" these land pirates seem to be divvying up Miles will
speak up
"I do happen to have only the clothing on my back and my kukri. I and my
friend here (pats Thodin on the back) had to flee with nary our breeches"

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> Karl Prosek wrote:
> > OOC: Aaron, could you repost the list of loot?
> >> [OOC]
> >> Vesper and Oz find the following:
> >> - 12 Undamaged Staffs of Pacification (Atlantis p. 121)
> >> - 2 Eylor Helms of Omnipotence (Atlantis p. 125)
> >> - 3 relatively undamaged suits of Overlord Power Armor (Atlantis p. 123)
> >> - 15 K-E4 Plasma Ejectors (Atlantis p. 137)
> >> - 5 Forearm Plasma Blasters (Atlantis p. 153)
> >> - 50 Full Long E-Clips
> >> - 1 Lesser Rune Sword (Atlantis p. 127, Damage: 5D6MD, -6 to parry
> >> energy blasts, +1 to savings throws)
> >> [/OOC]
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