[Taocow PBEM] [Vesper, Oz and Miles] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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Tue Oct 8 15:33:26 UTC 2013

> "Looks like you've got yer dinner, Sir." the Sergeant says with a
> smile. "I can start the questioning, if you like Sir, an' you join me
> when you can."
> The Sergeant does not look to have any cruel intentions, but Oz can
> tell he's a battle hardened man who has faced this woman's kind
> before.

Oz nods. "Very well. But no extraordinary interrogation techniques
yet, sergeant. Understood? That's not just for her benefit- from what
I've heard about these women, she could be deadly if you convinced her
to stop cooperating. I'll be along as soon as possible."

> A druid comes up to them. "A place had been prepared for you all." He
> leads the company towards the far end, by the powerful Druids.
> Once seated, they are witness wondrous feast; though it is entirely
> vegetarian. Delicious vegetables, salads with sauces that make the
> eyes water with the taste. There is singing and much chatter. The
> company is treated like great warriors who have saved a kingdom. The
> wine flows freely and all feel their cares and woes fall away from
> them. For some, this is the first real rest in months.
> The old Druid at the head of the table, with his strange shining eyes,
> sits quietly for a while. The company notices that the more wine he
> drinks, the more there seems to be an odd shine coming from him.
> Finally he turns to the company. "It is my understanding that one
> among you suffers a grave illness, and that you are all north bound to
> seek out its cure. When they time comes, we will discuss this further,
> but I wonder, will you be taking custody of that girl-thing that sits
> in a prison below the tree? And tell me, what is your relationship to
> that thing."
> The old man looks to Ted. "And you will have to tell me what your
> relationship to the Splugorth is." he says, with a laugh.

The German visitor looks at everything, the very image of a tourist
out of his element. He enjoys the food and especially the drink, going
out of his way to make conversation with local luminaries to get their
perspective on the Splugorth situation and the Millennium Tree's
strategic outlook in light of the alien invasion.

When the druid starts questioning his companions, like many of the
people at the table Oz turns to listen to their responses.

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