[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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>> [GM]
>> "Looks like you've got yer dinner, Sir." the Sergeant says with a
>> smile. "I can start the questioning, if you like Sir, an' you join me
>> when you can."
>> The Sergeant does not look to have any cruel intentions, but Oz can
>> tell he's a battle hardened man who has faced this woman's kind
>> before.
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> Oz nods. "Very well. But no extraordinary interrogation techniques
> yet, sergeant. Understood? That's not just for her benefit- from what
> I've heard about these women, she could be deadly if you convinced her
> to stop cooperating. I'll be along as soon as possible."
> [/Oz]

"Don't worry, Sir." the sergeant replies. "We won't harm a hair on her 
head. Besides, she seems willing to talk, so maybe it wo


>>> [Jacek the Borg]
>>> Not exactly the soul of tact, Jacek turns his inhuman cybernetic
>>> eyes on Alex and Vesper.
>>> "How does the odd American expression go?" he says in his
>>> metallic Eastern European voice. "Ah yes, a room you two should
>>> get."
>>> [/Jacek the Borg]

>>> [Louissa]
>>> Louissa is beaming. "It's so sweet!" she says. "I hope I'm Maid of
>>> Honor!"
>>> [/Louissa]

>> [Thodin the Dwarf]
>> Thodin seems embarrassed by the whole display. He turns to Miles and
>> says "Are humans always this... er... open in their affections?"
>> [/Thodin the Dwarf]

> [Miles]
> Miles looks at the two love birds, gets a strange look on his face
> then quietly says to Thodin: "No, it must be some odd mating ritual
> that has developed since the end times among their kind. If you find
> a hose with water we can hose them down and maybe they will think
> straight."
> With that Miles turns his attention to the druids and this amazing
> tree. Fascinated by magic, Miles tries to take mental notes of
> everything so he can add this to his personal journal. As for the
> "booty" these land pirates seem to be divvying up Miles will speak up
> "I do happen to have only the clothing on my back and my kukri. I and
> my friend here (pats Thodin on the back) had to flee with nary our
> breeches"
> [/Miles]

> [Alex]
> "We need to make amends with you as far as gear. Have read some CS
> reports on Kittani gear. See if we can find you a set of Kittani
> Explorer Armor, a K-4 Rifle which is similar to the Wilk's 457, and a
> KEP-Special pistol. Get you about half a dozen E-clips as well."
> [/Alex]

[Thodin the Dwarf]
Thodin nods in agreement. "You have a good eye." he says to Alex. "I 
have heard many ill things about the Coalition, but I have also heard 
they produce skilled warriors."
[/Thodin the Dwarf]

>>> [GM]
>>> As the company discusses strategies, locations of dimensional
>>> portals and other things, another Druid enters the tent.
>>> "The feast of celebration and sadness is ready." the Druid says.
>>> "The Council asks that, when you are ready, that I lead you to
>>> the feast."
>>> [/GM]

>> [Vesper]
>> Vesper nods to the Druid. "I shall create a small portal and be
>> back to a place of relative safety." "I should not be too long."
>> Vesper creates a small rift personal for him and his familiars to
>> a city back home in the federation of magic territories. He will
>> bring one of the staffs for purposes of trade.
>> [/Vesper]

>> [GM]
>> The Druid nods. "It is your choice. A place will be set for you."
>> [/GM]

>> [Alex]
>> While waiting for Vesper to come back, Alex will look through teh
>> gear, selecting some grenades, some additional e-clips, and a
>> blind warrior woman armor.
>> [/Alex]

>>> [GM]
>>> As Alex is going through the Splugorth equipment, she finds a long,
>>> sword-shape object largely coated in mud. When she scrapes the mud
>>> off, she is amazed to see bio-wizard Dragonfire sword glinting
>>> before.
>>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> The ranger looks at the blade and wipes away the dirt, seeing the red
> metal and design of a dragon. Pulls the sword from its scabbard and
> sees that it is surrounded in flames.
> Asks her other weapon, "What is the thing, you know?"
> She will then turn to the others, "Anybody know what it is? Magic
> weapons sure seem attracted to me for some reason. I think I am
> touched by the patron saint of irony."
> [/Alex]

"'Tis is a mystic weapon." one of the druids replies. "Perhaps one of my 
brethren with better knowledge on such matters than I can explain its 
powers to you."

> [Miles]
> Miles nods and goes to rummage around the area to find what he can.
> He seems a bit out of sorts as he mumbles to himself: "Fine thing,
> talking about rifles and armor. I'm a magician not a soldier. I never
> marched or been in a battle a day in my life."
> Miles looks to Thodin; "You know anything about weapons and
> soldiering cause I haven't one clue?"
> [/Miles]

> [Alex]
> "Really more of a scout than a soldier," responds Alex, sounding
> earnest "I can show you basic proceedures with gear however."
> [/Alex]

"As with all my people, I have martial skills." Thodin says. "But one 
can always learn more. Perhaps, Friend Alex, you can show Friend Miles 
and myself some of your skills."


>> [GM]
>> ...
>> There is a large gathering, at least a hundred people, is already
>> there. Many are Druids, half human, half D-Bees of a dozen
>> different races. The other half are other residents of the tree;
>> adventurers, warriors, scholars, and the like. At the very end are
>> seven Druids in plain robes, looking relatively non-descript, save
>> there seems a faint yet discernible aura about them. Even those who
>> are not sensitive to psychic or mystical powers feel somehow that
>> these people are inherently and innately powerful. At the very head
>> of the table is a seventh Druid, an old man with a long flowing
>> beard and piercing, and oddly shining eyes. He rises, and when he
>> does, the rest of the gathered assembly rises. The company is met
>> by applause.
>> A druid comes up to them. "A place had been prepared for you all."
>> He leads the company towards the far end, by the powerful Druids.
>> Vesper arrives back just in time to be ushered into the Great Hall
>> where he is seated next to Alex. These Druids seem to know
>> everything...
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> The red haired ranger winks when he sits down beside her.
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper slides a large number of wrapped boxes over to Alex. "You can
> open them later." He smiled seeing her wink. "Wow this tree is
> amazing isn't it. I have been around the cosmos but still there are
> things which are simply breath taking here on earth and this tree is
> one of them."
> He moved his foot under the table next to Alex's.
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> "Thanks," the scout responds. There is genuine pleasure in a smile of
> greeting.
> Otherwise, there does seem to be a bit of concern in her expression.
> "Worried about what new disaster we may end up heading into next."
> [/Alex]

>> [GM]
>> Once seated, they are witness wondrous feast; though it is
>> entirely vegetarian. Delicious vegetables, salads with sauces that
>> make the eyes water with the taste. There is singing and much
>> chatter. The company is treated like great warriors who have saved
>> a kingdom. The wine flows freely and all feel their cares and woes
>> fall away from them. For some, this is the first real rest in
>> months.
>> The old Druid at the head of the table, with his strange shining
>> eyes, sits quietly for a while. The company notices that the more
>> wine he drinks, the more there seems to be an odd shine coming from
>> him.
>> Finally he turns to the company. "It is my understanding that one
>> among you suffers a grave illness, and that you are all north
>> bound to seek out its cure. When they time comes, we will discuss
>> this further, but I wonder, will you be taking custody of that
>> girl-thing that sits in a prison below the tree? And tell me, what
>> is your relationship to that thing."
>> The old man looks to Ted. "And you will have to tell me what your
>> relationship to the Splugorth is." he says, with a laugh.
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> The German visitor looks at everything, the very image of a tourist
> out of his element. He enjoys the food and especially the drink, going
> out of his way to make conversation with local luminaries to get their
> perspective on the Splugorth situation and the Millennium Tree's
> strategic outlook in light of the alien invasion.
> When the druid starts questioning his companions, like many of the
> people at the table Oz turns to listen to their responses.
> [/Oz]

Louissa glances at her companions, and then shrugs. "Well, if Ted won't 
tell you, I shall. One of us has a terrible disease, and has been told 
to seek some healer far to the north in Britain."

The old druid gives Ted a long look. "Yes... yes, I can see. You have a 
touch of death, lizard man." he says. "Most unfortunate, and most hard 
to cure. In my younger days..." he trails off without finishing his thought.

The feast goes on until late in the evening, and there are no more 
probing questions, though the druids and other guests are fascinated by 
any stories of members of the company's journies, especially if it 
involves the Americas or other dimensions.

It is 10pm when a gong sounds. The head druids stand up and bow first to 
the company, and then to the rest of the guests. "The time of 
festivities has ended, and the Council must seek council with our 
honored guests. We bid a good night to you all."

The druid then turns to the company. "We ask that you all remain. We 
hope this will not take long, and then you can rest as I suspect you 
have not rested in a while."

Once the rest of the assembly has left, a legion of druids and other 
dwellers of the Tree clean off and move in the tables. In a few short 
minutes, the company finds themselves sitting facing the end of the 
hall, and the six chief druids that make up the Council sit at a table 
facing them. The old druid with the strange glowing light emanating from 
him sits off to the side, head buried in his beard, seemingly asleep.

The chief of the Council speaks. "We wish to express again our 
appreciation. The aid of New Camelot came in the nick of time. The Tree 
was not far from death... or worse."

"We have agreed to offer what assistance we can, for we have divined 
that the fate of these Isles lays in your hands. In particular with you, 
Ted Smythe. You're illness is known to us, and you can only be seeking 
Karpax of Skara Brae. Such a journey is filled with great dangers, but 
we have word from our brothers there on occasion."

"But there are other grave matters that you may know of. The Splugorth 
and their allies have a powerful... and very unique general. Some of you 
may find the following disturbing."

An image is projected on to the wall above the druids. It is of a large 
army of Splugorth Minions; Kydians, Kittani, Metzla and many others, 
including the floating brain things that some of the company had 
encountered before. Reviewing this vast army is a figure astride some 
sort of large lizardly mount. The figure looks exactly like Ted.

Aaron Clausen

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