[Taocow PBEM] [Ted, Alex, Louissa, Jacek the Borg and Co.] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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>> [Louissa]
>> Louissa finally steps away from the orb. She is wiping tears from eyes.
>> "My father is fine, but very angry and worried." she says. "The king of
>> Poughkeepsie desires my return, and they have just received word of my
>> disappearance from his ambassador in New Camelot. I miss them a lot, but I
>> do not want to be a caged bird."
>> She rubs her eyes. "I saw other things too." She looks at Ted, as if
>> wanting to say something, but then shakes her head. "I think we should push
>> northward and find Ted's cure."
>> [/Louissa]

>> [Taelaen]
>> "Will you look?" the elf asks. "If not, we can remain or we can go, as you
>> wish."
>> [/Taelaen]

> [Alex]
> Alex does like Louissa but decided to be clunt, "Did you not expect your
> parents to be angry when you departed? Not just a wilderness farm girl who
> joining the military was her best choice. How I got here, I have no clue.
> Luckily, Lone Star is not likely to take it on my parents for something that
> happened while I was serving Chi town and not even the LT."
> She smiles, "Thing I am afraid of is that they have been attacked by
> monsters at their farm. In such a case, I would want to go home. Problem is
> that the Coalition would likely execute me if I they found out I came home
> and could never get home to help anyway. If I was not an ocean away, my
> opinion might change. Even if I could send them  message, I might consider
> things a bit differently."
> "Now, where exactly are we going to need to go to help Ted," the red headed
> scout asks. "This seems to be a problem we can at least try to resolve."
> [/Alex]

Louissa tries to smile. "You're problems are LOT bigger than mine."
she says. "I knew you were a Coalition soldier, but never thought
about your family."

Louissa looks to her companions. "Ted knows something of why I don't
want to go back. But you have to promise you won't say anything to Oz,
because he's a knight of New Camelot now and would be obligated to
inform King Arr'thu."

Louissa looks at Jacek the Borg as well, but he's walked away and is
looking at the scenery.

"You know I'm New Poughkeepsie nobility, right?" she says. "I'm an
heir to a pretty big estate along the Hudson River called Fort Peters.
Well, about two or three days before you guys showed up, my uncle had
betrothed me to the King of New Poughkeepsie. The wedding is supposed
to happen this spring. Yes, that's right, I'm supposed to be a queen
in a few months. But what do queens do? Have little princes and
princesses and never travel further than some sort of summer estate. I
fled with your company because I wanted to see the world. Except our
Ambassador at New Camelot has informed both my King and King Arr'thu
that I'm in England, and orders will certainly be sent out soon to
send me back."

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