[Taocow PBEM] [Ted, Alex, Louissa, Jacek the Borg and Co.] Book 3 - Chapter XIII - The Millennium Druids

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>>> [Alex]
>>> "I am not too worried about my family," the red haired scout responds.
>>> "Chi-Town might be different, they are kind of nuts up there, but Lone
>>> Star tends to be more pragmatic. They don't for example take a runaway
>>> Psi-Hound on her other pack mates."
>>> "What you do from here is up to you," she continues. "Not as if even
>>> getting home is not fraught with its own dangers. Transport between the
>>> New German Republic and the Coalition is done with high altitude
>>> aircraft that travel really fast."
>>> "As I said, I cannot go home so wherever I am needs to be home. I would
>>> offer to be your guard but doubt I could do that job for that long. I am
>>> decent at fighting but I am far more of a ranger than a guard or
>>> soldier. Don't know where I might go from here."
>>> [/Alex]

>> [Louissa]
>> "New Poughkeepsie has need of scouts, as well." Louissa says. "I can
>> only hope when all of this is done you'll come back with me. You and
>> Ted are the only friends I feel like I have in the whole world."
>> [/Louissa]

> [Alex]
> The ex-Coalition Ranger kind of shrugs, she does not seem opposed to the
> idea. "Maybe, just have a feeling that there is a lot more that we will
> end up going through before any chance to settle to any routine. I am
> also the only one left of  the original group that set out, so hard to
> say what the future will bring."
> [/Alex]

>>> [Ted]
>>> The lizard man only nods sympathetically, unsure of what to say.
>>> "We will do what we can," Ted promises her.
>>> [/Ted]

>> [Louissa]
>> "Thanks, Ted." she says. "I know you're a long ways from home, too,
>> but maybe you can return to New Poughkeepsie as well. Someone with
>> your talents would be welcome in the King's service, I am certain."
>> [/Louissa]

>> [Taelaen]
>> "It seems to me," Taelaen says with a smile, "as if you are something
>> of a family yourselves."
>> She turns back towards the ladder down. "Come, let us return to your
>> apartments. Soon there will be a feast to celebrate our victory and
>> you're role in it. And then you will meet with the Council."
>> [/Taelaen]

> [Alex]
> "Alright," the red headed scout answers. Not against feasts but does not
> really think there is anything to celebrate. Also kind of curious what
> the council is going to want.
> [/Alex]

>> [GM]
>> The Tree's healing powers are evident. As they pass through areas
>> where Splugorth damage was great, they see bark already half-grown
>> over, leaves growing back and the smell of burned wood almost gone
>> completely. There is a feeling of health about this place.
>> They are halfway back to the apartments when a Millennium Druid comes
>> up to Taelaen and whispers something in her ear. She nods and then
>> turns to the company.
>> "I have been informed that we have captured many weapons and other
>> gear. While some of the defenders have use of this, in general we
>> prefer to use our mystic arts and the Tree's gifts. It can only be a
>> small part of the reward you deserve, but if you like, you may have a
>> pick of this equipment."
>> [/GM]

>> [Jacek the Borg]
>> The Borg nods. "This I like." he says. He turns to Ted, Alex and
>> Louissa. "This may be the only chance any of us has to reprovision and
>> re-equip, so I recommend we do so."
>> [/Jacek the Borg]

> [Ted]
> "I am interested as well," the lizard man states.
> [/Ted]

> [Alex]
> Everything I have heard, the Splugorth slaves make some pretty good
> gear," Alex states. "Would not mind having a look at the stuff myself. I
> can also use a look to see if I can replace my lost grenades. Seems to
> be the biggest thing I tend to burn through unfortunately."
> [/Alex]

Louissa agrees as well. "If we're heading north, I suspect we'll need
whatever we can get our hands on.

The adventurers are lead all the way to the base of the tree.
Make-shift tents have been raised to house the equipment that has been
retrieved. One tent has vehicles, one tent has body armor, and one
tent has weapons and miscellaneous computer equipment. There is enough
here that is sufficiently undamaged to equip a relatively good-sized
company, although some of the Trees non-Druid defenders are picking
through it as well.

"You have perhaps an hour or so before you will be summoned." the elf
says. "I or one my of counterparts will return when the time comes.
Whatever you feel you need you may take. We have already taken what we
feel may be of value for defense or trade."

OOC: I'm not going to detail everything that's there. Lots of Kittani
gear. If you have the Atlantis book you can pick from that, or if you
don't, just make some generic requests.

Aaron Clausen
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