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>Vesper smiled a bit and nodded, "Don't let that get out,
              it could ruin my reputation, but for you dear lady yes I
              cannot help but be a romantic even a hopeless one."
>"You deserve to be treated like a lady not just a soldier,
              I really love when you get the chance to dress like a
              woman and make yourself up. Your a beauty Alex."
>He then whispers in her ear, "Of course some sick twisted
              part of me thinks it is hot seeing you in your Coalition
              armor. I hope that doesn't make me too bad."
>He kissed behind her ear a few times.
"I think your reputation is already ruined," she teases back. "Keep
    acting this way, sure to be ruined. Not that I mind though."

Little more seriously, the red headed scout responds, "I am a
    ranger, still pretty proud of it. Still, nice to be a girl
    sometimes. Have to see if I might find a dress somewhere that I can
    wear for you tonight."

After the whisper, Alex responds in a similar whisper, "Don't
    warrior, I can be your warrior maid."

"I would love to see you in a dress, it will be like a little wish come true."
He spun her around, "My warrior maid, yes I like that.  Get me your size, I have a plan I want to surprise you, your shoe size too."
Vesper had a mischevious look.

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