[Taocow PBEM] [Vesper, Alex, Oz and Ithdalkal] Book 3 - Chapter XIV - Belmont Abbey

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The Ex-Ranger responds, "I will help but I don't need much."
If directed to help with anything, she is willing to help but otherwise 
is most concerned with the military situation.

ooc:  A few dimensional pocket, maybe a belt with pouches, would be 
useful but she would not know to ask. She does not know much about magic.

On 04/01/2014 17:07, Aaron Clausen wrote:
> [GM]
> When everyone steps through the portal, they find themselves outside
> of a rather odd building. It looks to have been
> carved, or, considering the very smooth and rounded lines of the
> building, possibly grown from living rock. It is a two story structure
> with several doors and windows, none round or square and all at odd
> angles and in strange shapes. A sign above what probably is the main
> door (which is five-sided) is neon and announces it as "Keldon and
> Sons Magic and Items of Interest". There appears to be no electrical
> cable leading between the sign, which seems to float about six inches
> of the wall of the building, and the building itself.
> Up and down the street people are quickly beginning to panic. Clearly
> those that did not know of the invasion, now know there is one, likely
> due to Alex's radio broadcast. A number of citizens, still putting on
> their armor, are forming into a militia of some kind. There are no
> Splugorth Minions in sight, but down the street a building is burning,
> and tracers from gunfire can be seen in the evening sky. Still, it
> presently seems contained to a single area of the town and hasn't
> spread.
> Keldon pays little attention to what goes on around him. He bursts
> through the door. Inside two D-Bees that look nearly identical to
> Keldon are hastily throwing scrolls and various other items into a
> number of odd, silvery boxes that ought to have, by now, been filled.
> Keldon is literally crying by this point. "Seventy years work done and
> gone!" he says miserably. "Hurry up lads," he says to the two other
> squiddish D-Bees. "If those Splugorth have any skill at all, they will
> be able to at least get a general idea of where our friend's portal
> took us."
> He turns back to Oz, Vesper and Alex. "You can have whatever you want
> from this shop, providing you can grab it in about sixty seconds,
> providing you take the three of us and the contents of these boxes
> with us."
> The Archbishop, who has been hanging back, is outraged. "You'll accept
> this... this shopkeeper's offer, but my offer is spurned?"
> The Sergeant radios Oz. "We're on board, sir. Mr. Smythe and Lady
> Louissa are here. Awaiting your instructions."
> Quite suddenly the gun fire stops, and in its place sounds like the
> heavy pounding of feet down the street.
> [/GM]

"those who burn books will, in the end, burn people."
- Written by Poet Heinrich Heine whose books were burned
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