[Taocow PBEM] [Vesper, Alex, Oz and Ithdalkal] Book 3 - Chapter XIV - Belmont Abbey

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Everyone else gets into the tunnel, Oz waits for them to get through. It's
a reasonably well built tunnel; boarded walls, a couple of concrete piers
holding up. It opens up into a storage room where Keldon has thrown some
supplies; nothing magical, but rather food, liquor and other sundries.
Whether any of it is edible to humans is hard to say.

At one end of the room is a door that has been boarded up; the door handle
removed. It will take prying off the boards to get at it.

Once everyone is inside, Oz aims a few shots at what he judges the the
weakest part of the wall to be [Skill Check Demolitions: 36%]. He fires
into the spot [Strike: 14]. The shell hits [Damage: 8MD], and as Oz
predicted the whole tunnel collapses. The room fills with wood splinters
and dust, making it hard to breathe for anyone without environmental body

A few moments later they here a distant gunfire, it sounds like heavy
weapons, and then a loud explosion nearby that shakes the walls of the
underground hideout. Shouts can be heard above.

There are seven people in this little underground room; Vesper, Oz, Alex,
Ithdalkal, Keldon and his two sons, one of which, if not dead, is close to

"We must save my son," Keldon says, "we must go now. Get the boards off
that door, and someone help my son."

"I will need to summon something to help heal him, but for now I will
perform some minor magics to help stabilize him." Vesper casts heal wounds
on the young d bee. [SDC: 4, HP: 5]
I need to get him someplace safe for more to be done."

Vesper looked to Alex, "We will get out of this."
Turning back to his patient, "And you will live."
Vesper waits for them to pry the boards free to the other building.

Digging in her gear pack, she pulls out a leaf, "I was given this and told
it would heal almost anything but be used up in the process." She will wrap
it around the young d-bee. [SDC: 4, HP: 6]

Between Vesper's healing spell and Alex's leaf, Keldon's son is pulled back
from the brink. He will bear a scar, but he'll live to see another say...
if everyone can get past today.

Oz puts away his shotgun and starts prying boards off the door.
"Ithdalkal, cover me in case somebody on the other side of this door
has the same idea we do."

Ithdalkal nods.

The boards pry away easily enough, though it takes a bit more prying to get
the door open. Beyond is a passage that runs about ten feet before ending
at two doors; a wooden one that is partially ajar, and another rather large
steel door with a keypad lock.

Beyond the ajar wooden door a stairway can be glimpsed, and several voices
can be heard shouting.

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