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Vesper smiles inwardly Alex might have been with the Coalition at one time but her act of sacrifice for a D Bee showed her true inner character. He was very proud of her if anything it made him cherish her more.
"Well a vault would just be a dead end,  you sure it's not a hallway or further tunnel just a vault Keldon ?"


On Sunday, April 27, 2014 12:24 PM, Aaron Clausen <mightymartianca at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> [Vesper]
>>> "I will need to summon something to help heal him, but for now I will
>>> perform some minor magics to help stabilize him." Vesper casts heal wounds
>>> on the young d bee. [SDC: 4, HP: 5]
>>> I need to get him someplace safe for more to be done."
>>> Vesper looked to Alex, "We will get out of this."
>>> Turning back to his patient, "And you will live."
>>> Vesper waits for them to pry the boards free to the other building.
>>> [/Vesper]

>>> [Alex]
>>> Digging in her gear pack, she pulls out a leaf, "I was given this and told
>>> it would heal almost anything but be used up in the process." She will wrap
>>> it around the young d-bee. [SDC: 4, HP: 6]
>>> [/Alex]

>> [GM]
>> Between Vesper's healing spell and Alex's leaf, Keldon's son is pulled back
>> from the brink. He will bear a scar, but he'll live to see another say...
>> if everyone can get past today.
>> [/GM]

>>> [Oz]
>>> Oz puts away his shotgun and starts prying boards off the door.
>>> "Ithdalkal, cover me in case somebody on the other side of this door
>>> has the same idea we do."
>>> [/Oz]

>> [Ithdalkal]
>> Ithdalkal nods.
>> [/Ithdalkal]

>> [GM]
>> The boards pry away easily enough, though it takes a bit more prying to get
>> the door open. Beyond is a passage that runs about ten feet before ending
>> at two doors; a wooden one that is partially ajar, and another rather large
>> steel door with a keypad lock.
>> Beyond the ajar wooden door a stairway can be glimpsed, and several voices
>> can be heard shouting.
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> Oz pulls his pistols and gestures down the passageway, looking at
> Keldon. "Which door?"
> [/Oz]

> [Keldon]
> Keldon gulps (or at least that's what it sort of sounds like). "I
> don't recall two doors," he says, "though it has been many years since
> I was down here. That locked door is new to me. I say the wooden one."
> [/Keldon]

> [Vesper]
> "That locked door though seems like it would be safer. That much security
> the underground area is probably reinforced." He looked to Alex commenting
> on her using the leaf she had been given, "That was a very noble thing."
> [/Vesper]

"Yes, my lady, thank you!" Keldon says. "You hold a debt over me which
I cannot hope to repay, but what service I can do, you but only have
to name."

Keldon takes a moment to look at the steel door. He pulls an odd
device that looks like a large calculator with wires hanging out of
it. He points at the door and after a moment strange symbols appear on
the device's screen.

"Yes, definitely reinforced." he says. "There's a large space on the
other side, I think. Probably a vault."

> [Oz]
> "That can't be good," Oz mutters quietly as he moves down the
> passageway. He pushes the wooden door open with his guns and, if
> nothings jumps him, gestures to Ithdalkal to follow as he heads up the
> stairs.
> [/Oz]

Oz finds himself looking up the stairs. Above he can see a room, lit
by numerous small fires. Right at the top of the stairs is a badly
charred body. There are shouts, and then another person comes into
view, a woman that Oz vaguely remembers from the ship. She's shouting
"We're done for! Head for the stairs, it's our only hope!"

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